QUICK product review of the Dometic 65DZUS Freezer/Refrigerator.
This is the BEST freezer/refrigerator that I have found for RV’s, off grid usage, or even back-up home usage (for power outages), or traveling.
It has a very efficient compressor, is well insulated, and draws VERY little 12V power. Could power for more than a week with no solar input off of my batteries, maybe just a few days if outside in 100 degrees weather.


James Braselton says:

45 watts battery banks with ac outlet

J-Rok Bird says:

wow! barely uses any power. You answered my ultimate question. I wonder if all the dometics consume such low power? I’ll probably get a smaller one to pair with my goal zero 400.

Steven Di Pietro says:

I plan in using one of these… and a 5 day Coleman Cooler

James Wisrik says:

i agree…just got a cfx50 and cvr with 12v-100ah /1200w/200w panels- i test it for 40hrs and it went from 12.9v to 12.7v when compressor comes on…and then goes back to 12.9. Its awsome!

Stephen Stringer says:

Just wondering if it would fit where you put the bench seat. I’ve heard other Xployer owner’s talking about taking out the stock 3rd seat. This cooler would be a big improvement over the gas refrigerator unless you find a compressor unit that would fit. If it fits, might be a good tip for other owners. By the way, you bench and chairs look great. I’m sure you’re pleased with them.

csquared says:

From what I’ve read and seen here on youtube, these partner really well with solar and are worth every penny spent. I’ll be interested to see what you come up with about where to put it in your van. Maybe stow it away under the bed and turn the old fridge into a storage area?

Steve Fradley says:

We have had our Dometic CF-018DC for years and take it in our EuroVan on camping trips. It’s awesome! It runs for days off our 45Ah coach battery without putting our solar panel out (that’s on 80 degree days too!). If it ever failed, I want to get the Dometic CD-030DC. It’s a sliding drawer style that would fit much easier under our bed, or built under a seat or cabinet. The 65DZUS looks great, but like you say, it’s a bit too big to keep in the van.

T Rana says:

That’s cos its empty!

bigdog1 says:

thank you! nobody anywhere gives the power usage stats, this is very helpful. i was torn between ARB and this one, and with y 300watt solar, and 250ah battery bank, this seems like a very nice fridge/freezer option with little imprint on my bank. thanks again

Dirt Farmer says:

Do you have a use for it?

mrbr549 says:

$785 on Amazon and $43 for the cover. They also have a slide for it at $199.
For $1027 for all 3 it’s a little steep, but since it does what it’s supposed to it’s more of an investment I guess. It does seem huge for the limited space in most vans.Thanks for the great review!

HighTech Camping says:

I bought the 65 for my Cargo Build: It looks like it will be perfect.

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