Jeep Wrangler ARB 37 Quart Fridge Freezer (1987-2017 YJ, TJ, JK) Review & Install

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This ARB 37 Quart Fridge Freezer is the perfect thing to have with you on camping adventures, off-roading excursions, or even just while at a tailgate! This fridge freezer is powerful enough to maintain sub-freezing temperatures even in 90° F heat and has a separate dairy/fruit compartment with a built in drain plug.

Item J101504
MPN# 10800352

Great Food and Drink Storage. If you want to keep food and beverages in your Jeep cold, but don’t want to use ice, you might want to try this ARB 37 Quart Fridge Freezer. Sometimes, when you go out on longer overland trips, you can’t bring along enough ice to last the entire journey. Or you might not want to keep emptying out water and putting new ice in your cooler. Whatever your reasons, this product will satisfy your needs and wants. You can use this fridge freezer in any 1987 to 2017 Jeep Wrangler YJ, TJ, or JK.

Practical Features. You don’t need a ton of space for this fridge freezer, because it’s about the same size as a traditional cooler. It plugs right into your Jeep, and will cool all the way down to sub-freezing temperatures. On top of it all, this product doesn’t use a ton of energy, plus it automatically switches off if your Jeep battery starts to get low, so you don’t need to worry about it draining your battery to the point you can’t start the engine. Built-in handles are sturdy enough to handle plenty of weight, while the lid can be removed completely for ease of access. The interior has enough space to hold up to 50 12-ounce cans of any beverage, or whatever else you want to bring along.

Easy to Use. Thanks to a simple control panel, you can use this product without hassle. It just plugs into a 12-volt outlet and that’s it.

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Corey Chalice says:

Very ingenious product

Texas Garage says:

It looks like an old printer

swapsplat says:

$800 for a cooler fridge?
Jesus. Spend $150 and get a trucker fridge.

kray brother says:

I use this fridge everyday ,I cook at work on my lunch break with my setup, plus when I go to the grocery store I put all the cold foods in there while I run other errands its a life saver

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