Equipment Review: Best Plastic Food Storage Freezer Bags & Our Testing Winner

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Crummy plastic food storage bags leak, rip, and are tricky to seal. We wanted a strong, leakproof bag that would close securely without a fuss and keep food fresher longer. Watch video to see the lengths we went to find the best bag for our buck.

We tested 8 gallon-size freezer bags to find the best one:
Elkay Plastics Ziplock Heavy Weight Freezer Bag
Ziploc Brand Freezer Bags with Easy Open Tabs
Green’N’Pack Food Storage Freezer Gallon Bags
Diversey, Inc. Ziploc Commercial Resealable Gallon Freezer Bags
Hefty Slider Bag, Gallon Freezer
Ziploc Brand Gallon Freezer Slider Bags
Natural Value Slider Gallon Freezer Bags
Ziploc Brand Double Guard Double Layer Gallon Freezer Bags

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zelen plav says:

When I was a child, plastic bags were always washed, dried and reused – always. We used plastic bowl covers with elastic bands also. Waste was not an option.

Timothy Powell says:

I love her reviews. She’s eloquent, never stutters and gets right to the point. Well done!

Elizabeth Naff says:

Isn’t this a profound waste of food? 

Paladin2906 says:

The bulk option isn’t cheap at all when you consider that they charge 20 dollars for shipping. Not cool.

Tetsu Hoshi says:

I love these videos, but Please PLEASE turn the volume up. The commercials are 2-3 times louder.

AmiesFieldsofGreen says:

GLAD bags are better.

Joe Clarke says:

Thanks for the test. The Zip Loc freezer bag looks like it has a zipper PULL, but it doesn’t does it?

Dani L says:

I use vacuum sealer bags, those work way better than regular plastic bags. I buy them in bulk on eBay, which is cheaper for the generic bags

doctypepublic says:

Glad they carry Ziploc at Costco.  I buy bulk packs of them for $10 on sale.  I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

Gamakun says:

Thanks for the bag reviews!

martin27 says:

i bought cheap bags for 8 cents per bag. it was a no name brand. they’re so terrible and flimsy, such a waste of money.

Ligia Caldwell says:

You guys do a wonderful job! Thanks for the awesome service : )
I don’t miss a single video and these I can really use so please keep them coming!

TheHrb1234 says:

:oled the video, hated that the actual results are behind a pay wall.

WakeEternal says:

Thanks for the rigor of testing for 2+ months.  I thought the desiccant test was a terrific idea.

Kyle SoSik says:

so will the ziploc work as a condom? please let me know by tonight

Seon Woo says:

I swear this channel is the best, I wish I could somehow contribute, you guys are doing awesome for the world!!!!

Xolette says:

I know this doesn’t relate to this video and I love the America’s Test Kitchen reviews. But as a biology teacher, I try to deter my students from using wasteful plastic products.  If you look up “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” that’s one of the many reasons why.   In particular, plastic bags are a huge waste of resources, a major source of pollution, and killer to many marine organisms that mistakingly ingest plastic debris. Don’t get me wrong… it’s almost impossible to be plastic-free, but the least we can do is avoid the one-time, disposable bags when possible.

william badovinac says:

This is superb

Lester Barrett says:

I sometimes wonder whether you are really free of advertising influences.  I get some of your magazines, books, and web offerings; so I have a pretty good idea of what you represent.

First, storing things in plastic bags is environmentally a true sin against our world.  Plastic, reusable containers are a much better choice, since they can be used hundreds o f times.  Paper is the best choice.  America’s Test Kitchen should not be encouraging the use of plastic bags for home storage.  

I understand that plastic is a good way to distribute products safely; which means I can understand their use to a point.  This does not mean that single-use plastic is ever an environmentally friendly option.  We need to stop making this stuff.  What if it ended up in your yard, as it does in the third world?  If you are going to buy food that is distributed in plastic, you can at least buy the stuff that is in reusable containers.  

Let’s face it, food, such as cheese or vegetables or whatever, in resealable plastic bags, is generally safe and appealing; however, the plastic seals never work.  Yes, I did choose the word “never”.  For an aging person like myself, getting something out of the “resealable” package means going for the knife.  Nine times out of ten, I can’t get the bags open after I pull back the sealed top.  If you can do it, just wait until you are a little older.  That is when the light will go on for you.

If I had the time, I would make a YouTube video of me opening hundreds of packages by pulling on the tab at the top and then showing how long it takes to actually get the package open.  As I fumble with the seal element, trying to get my fingernails into the impossible void between the two layers, I could use sound to broadcast my cursing.  

Frankly, whenever I buy something, I always go for products that are packaged in paper, such as egg cartons, juice cartons, milk cartons, and so on.  I make exceptions for cage-free eggs that are packaged in plastic, while hoping that Eggland will get smart about this.  Improving the lives of chickens while destroying life as we know it is surely not a motto that they would agree to.

Well, I will stop my rant now.  I avoid plastic bags for home storage.  Reusable containers are acceptable for now.  Plastic products should never be sold in one-use containers.

arbeeex says:

the winner – Ziploc double freezer bag smart zip plus

omgimgfut says:

freezer burn is also caused by the freezer warming up in order to de-ice itself, the food inside will start to warm up causing the outside layer to melt and refreeze, causing freezer burn

SeikiBrian says:

I find it interesting that different “models” of bags from Ziploc were at the top, the middle, and the bottom of the list, and that the most-expensive one was the loser. I’ll be very careful next time I buy to read the labels and make sure I get the right one.

Angelus Nielson says:

How did I know the most expensive ones wouldn’t be the best ones?

livid snicket says:

The only thing I can say is I much prefer those videos where only one winner is mentioned. It just doesn’t help to have 3 or 4 recommendations.

LifeAs Leeza says:

In the uk they call desiccant packs silica packs…

houchi69 says:

You could skip the eco-friendly one. You only tested one, no need to even bother.

Cristian Ramirez says:

this sounded an awful lot like a freaking commercial LOL

Me Here says:

I actually like the Ikea bags. They don’t leak and they’re stupid cheap.

valchiri4 says:

Guys, I am from Italy and where I live I can’t find these plastic bags, so every time I have the chance to travel I look for them! I have noticed all the defects you have mentioned here and I was still looking for the perfect one until now!!!! This video is brilliant, thank you so much for sharing! Grate Job!!!
Big hug
Giulia :*

Insederec says:

Doing god’s work. This is an impressive amount of effort.

ReggyRay289 says:

Awesome! I love how your channel makes the little decisions easier. I’d love to see reviews of big equipment like stoves, ovens, refrigerators, and other big ticket items.

Jordan Nicole says:

The one you recommend is the one I have been using. I freeze soups in it and put them on a cookie sheet in my freezer so that they lay flat. When I defrost them they ALWAYS leak. Thinking of going with some glass containers for soups instead. Anyone have any ideas???

seemurf says:

this video brought to you by Ziploc

Soniboy84 says:

What about food container boxes? Are they not better than bags? They’re also reusable.

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