Edgestar FP-430 43 Quart Portable Fridge/Freezer Review

Please watch the whole video as I go in depth with power consumption and timing tests for the unit. This is the best unit for the money. This unit costs $550 on google shopping, whereas ARB’s 50qt unit costs $780 and Engel’s 43qt unit costing $900.

This unit is extremely energy effecient, using only about 20-30 watts per hour to mainatin 33’F. It can easily be used on a solar setup, as an emergency backup fridge/freezer, or even to go purchase perishable food items from the grocery store.

UPDATE: Edgestar has email me back and has said the two extra yellow wires are for another temperature sensor which is not supported in this model. Just disregard the wires.

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scomeau1 says:

What would you recommend for running this off of solar power only ?
!00W panels 4 Golf carts battery ect ?

Thanks Scott

NWHiker says:

Excellent review.  Your video sold me on this fridge/freezer.  I’ve been using it 24/7 as a freezer in my camper the past 3 months and it works great.  I set it on 20 degrees and it cycles the temp. from 15 and comes on at 23 degrees about every 15-20 mins depending on the outside temperature.  I’m getting about 30 hrs on a Optima blue top AGM battery.  I charge with solar, do you know if this fridge will tolerate higher voltages and run directly off a solar panel?   Thanks for the thorough video.  

dwpetty3723 says:

Excellent review, these things are not cheap. but looks like a great product.

Raymond Scott says:

what are the inside dimensions,,?  max depth and compressor step depth, length and width

klamath86 says:

What size solar panel would you recommend? What brand would you suggest for the controller unit?

KonaChuck22 says:

Great review! Just sent you some Bitcoin love. Thanks.

MrMarkw36 says:

can you give us an update on the fridge?

MrKenny1955 says:

would this be my best choice for camping?using in the back of a pick up truck camper top.running  24/7 with a solar battery dc?

lesykxp says:

Thats what I called full review. A+ Thank you, very helpful!!!

derek361 says:

I have the larger version of this and have it plugged in to my solar set up in my shop.  It has been on my 12 volt system for about 3 years and has run without any issues.  

Steve Lesak says:

I have a new 63 qt Edgestar set at 5 deg. It turns on at 7 deg but the temp keeps going up to 9 or 10 deg where it stays for about 5 minutes and then starts down. It takes about 19 minutes from turn on to turn off. Is this rise in temp after turn on normal? Ambient temp was 85 deg. At 75 deg cycle took 18 minutes.

Alvarez Metal Works says:

Thank you very much for this video. You showed me 100% what I was looking for. I was planning on building my own for my tow rig project until I saw this one. I can’t beat the power consumption on a home built unit. Mater of fact I don’t think I could even come close. With that said the amount of money I’ll save on batteries and solar will come close if not pay for this unit.

Again thank you for putting together this video.

Val Hopkins says:

I understand that if you’re running it on AC power it’ll switch over to DC in the event of a power outage, BUT will it do the reverse?  I need a chest freezer for the basement of my 5th wheel, and am wondering if it’ll switch over from DC-AC, as well, or will I need to switch it manually once I crank over my benny or plug in to hook ups?

stg5ive says:

How long would this run off a 12 volt battery  if used as a backup situation in your house?  Where did you get the solar box?

plant based paleo says:

I’ve replaced my cord on average 2 or 3 times a year because it melts this is multiple fridges in multiple trucks I’d be willing to pay more for a good solution if it would work

A Merr says:

I am thinking of buying this unit for family travel.  This would travel inside the a sport utility vehicle.  Is it noisy?

Ron Joberts says:

I have been told that the extra wires goto a back up temp sensor. . in the past if temp sensor went bad you had to send to the factory for repair. so they started building them with an extra backup sensor.

febails says:

Very informative… Thanks for the review.

Carol Williamson says:

Would a 30 Watt 12 Volt Solar Panel power this up?

Mad Electron Engineering says:

Thanks for the name on the condenser. I couldn’t remember if it was condenser or evaporator, and didn’t want to say the wrong thing in the video. As for the yellow wires I’m going to contact edgestar and see what they say about them.

David Richards says:

Excellent review, thank you. It has been awhile since you did it. If you still have it, or if you can remember, do you know where the cold-plate is located behind the metal in the interior? It should be where the ice builds up first and the worst.

plant based paleo says:

what about 24 hour or average wattage usage thermo electrics are at 50 watts continuous for 40 degrees how much power would this save since it has a duty cycle not sure how much ie what percent of the time does it run or hook up kill a watt for 24 hours at freezer and refrigerate temps for over all consumption I’m a trucker and the damn thermoelectric are constantly burning up 12 volt plugs because they are constant and never give the plug a break to cool off

Mad Electron Engineering says:

I like your thinking, but this setup won’t be effective. When you use a combination of supercaps and batteries the supercaps are used primarily as a current surge device, saving the battery from harsh high amperage surge events such as starting motors. There wouldn’t be enough energy stored in the supercaps to actually charge a battery. By the time you got 30-40 supercaps to do this it would be cheaper to just buy a 100 watt solar panel.

georgeof78 says:

Technology is amazing. I’m getting ready to start trucking and the truck I’ll be driving doesn’t have a fridge. I was looking at those Coleman thermoelectric coolers but wasn’t impressed that they can only cool to a 40° ambient temperature. Where I live that just wont work. I happened to find out that there are portable compressor type coolers and found this video. Great review. This would work for me in my RV also as I long since got rid of the broken RV refrigerator that would of costed thousands to repair or replace. I ended up replacing it with a normal household refrigerator but that limits my ability to go camping off the grid. This portable cooler is the answer.

Far East Angler says:

Do you still have this cooler?
If so does it still work?
I still have mine but found it’s too big and bulky and got a smaller one.

Ford's RV Refrigeration Training & Service says:

Good video thanks

goostador says:

Started researching portables like this and found your video. Great job on this video, it is very helpful. Please reply/comment with a short note on reliability now that you’ve owned it for over 2.5 years. This brand is not mainstream as the Engels and Whynter andI want to know if it’s worth buying this now or buying a brand name. Thank you.

Haley Krueger says:

What are the EXACT dimensions? L, W & H? – I want to use this on my boat and have limited space.

Thank you

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