Dometic CFX-65DZUS Portable Freezer/Refrigerator – 2.2 cu. ft. Review

Dometic CFX-65DZUS Portable Freezer/Refrigerator – 2.2 cu. ft.

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0909 says:

$776 LMAO for a basic cooler with peltier device.

Stuff stuff and More stuff says:

i don’t know if you went over it already but does it have a freezer?? or is it just a fridge?

gerard haubert says:

Is Dometic related to ARB in Australia?

Patrick Conners says:

Coke will kill you.

James Wisrik says:

how is the cfx?
any drawbacks on living in the dodge? still looking at this and fire transit and gmc vans…

masterstill73 says:

Have fun dude

Vagabond Mango says:

Will it hold a gallon jug of water? (Like a gallon milk jug size)?
I drink distilled water and always have at least one in the fridge. Plus my coffee creamer. I’ve heard the Engel combo uses way less solar but wow it’s 1,500 bucks and huge! Lol. Does it have to be level like the propane ones? That’s always a pain

James Wisrik says:

How is your dometic …still reliable? and do you know if it has a danfoss compressor?

Photog HT says:

Thanks for this video! This is def the one i’m going to purchase! Your video made up my mind. I also liked how at the end you were like “haa… look at all this sh*t ……” You sound like me in my head when we’re getting ready to go. lol

GEAUX-PRIUS Cowboy says:

Uses about the same energy as a heating pad or an electric blanket. I can tell you this you have some very efficient machines there.

voodooutt says:

Hi there, thanks for this video. I am asking if 2 10″ diameter x 12″ high pails could fit into the larger side. (basically 20″ diagonal) I am wanting to use this as a full freezer to store ice cream. Thanks!

Jimmy Ciorra says:

Thank you , I am looking to create a similar setup

Antonio King says:

I’m a truck driver, I was wondering if u can leave it plug up like a regular fridge, I be gone for months at a time

Lovewee Poms says:

great video , have fun camping brother !

biblesnbarbells says:

Thaks for the review.  I really like this Dometic CFX 65.  I currently have a Goal Zero Yeti 400.  Do you think that battery could power this for a few days without recharging?  I also have the car lighter adapter to charge the Yeti while I am driving and also have 3 15 watt solar panels.

TexCyn RV Life says:

Thanks for sharing. My RV fridge went out, so I’m trying to decide my options… right now, I’m using my Coleman 12 volt cooler. This helps!

Vitality Massage says:

I just bought the CFX 35. Is it best to buy a separate deep cycle battery to run it while not driving (recharging via the car’s alternator)? How long will one of these run without decharging the battery to the point of dead/won’t start? Is it best to just set the sensitivity to high and allow the fridge to turn off when not in use? If I put a large cold pack in the bottom of the fridge, will that suffice to keep things cool enough till I run the engine again? Your thoughts would be helpful. Thanks.

PlaneCDR says:

Thanks for showing how the divider actually works.

bigman55434 says:

Nice video. I was looking for someone that actually owned this cooler, and had some runtime information using a Yeti. I have a Yeti 400, and am thinking this would be enough power to run this cooler for 24 hours (enough time to let the solar kick in and charge it back up)

Marcos 989 says:

I don’t see people using this freezerrefrigerator efficiently in some cases.
For long term use not short camping trips the best way to use it is keep the lid openings to the minimum and incorporating another non-powered cooler as shown in the video for example. If you have the space of course.
1. Use the Dometic to freeze Blue Ice or meatsfood that are rotated to the cooler holding your daily foods. This means daily rotation of cooling stock )Blue Ice, meats, frozen vegs ect)..
2. Lifting the lid of the Dometic should reveal a couple of strips of thick visqueen that prevents warm air entering the compartment until you move to remove items (same idea as any refrigerated work area).
3. The Dometic top lid seal is poor. This can be insulated with blankets draped over all sides midway down about 5cm thick. Or a cover made of styrofoam insulation glued together to form a cap.
4.The Dometic top hinge is poor, fewer opening longer life on hinge and motor.

For those DIY designing liveaboard vans think sailboats. Same parameters often.

FloppyHatPhotos says:

Could I remove the wall & make the hole thing a freezer?

VideoMorsels says:

Where does it vent? Out the front? And where does it draw air in?

Electronic Surveillance says:

That looks great! Where can I purchase one of these?

SchrodingersQuark says:

I got the CFX 95 but it turns off when my semi is off and doesn’t hold the temp for very long. Is there another cheaper battery, this is a bit disappointing.

Michael Hardy says:

12 backup power volt 200 amps battery life used a one goal zero yeti 1250

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