Best All Around CPU Cooler For The Money – Arctic Freezer 33 eSports One Cooler Review

The latest and greatest CPU cooler from Arctic is compact, quiet, and cool, all while looking good at the same time.

Arctic Freezer 33 (Single Fan):
Arctic Freezer 33 (Dual Fan):

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dogepool 531 says:

Thanks ive been looling arohnd for a cpu coolers and i noticed this cpu cooler and was wondering if it was good

andre says:

jd hello. i was going to buy the noctua d15 am4 air cooler next month, is your cooler better/same?

Ivan Bogdanic says:

Nice review!!

Desmond Bradley says:

Thank you for another concise review. This is a cooler that I have now added to my list should I eventually be able to build a PC.

prime 1 says:

Nice looking cooler for the price

Cetax x says:

I am looking for a cooler for my r5 1600, for overclocking,atm i am using the stock cooler,but gets kinda hot on load, 1.3v 3.9ghhz (curently) will try to achive 4ghz (I assume i got a decent chip here) , Almost bought a dark rock pro 3,but as I saw the dark rock pro 4 is around the corner,so I decided to wait a bit,tho I wonder if it’s maybe overkill for the r5 ? really cant decide which cooler to get :I … The dark rock pro would also be future proff obv.. But kinda expensive around 100€ +/- (dark rock pro3) … Any suggestions ?

Btw I really enjoy your videos,recently subbed ,keep it going ^^

Gerard Dresch says:

Nice Cooler and price Thanks — First 65 or Older

megapet777 says:

Has nobody heard about scythe ninja 5? It costs like 50 euros and under maximum load its only few degrees hotter than noctua nh d15 😀

Mitchell M. says:

I use the Arctic Freezer 13. My FX-8370 is a power HOG with a 125W TDP and the similar-style cooler keeps it from never exceeding 55C under FULL load. Arctic has great cooling products.

ervross1 says:

Can it work on am3 socket

Michael Livote says:

Wow, what great timing, I was just about to buy my usual Hyper 212 cooler for my 1151 build. This looks better and cools better and is just about the same price to boot. Going for it! Thanks!!

Josh TechGamer says:

Love the white very nice 40 bucks might have to get it

chris dias says:

Which combination with the i5 8600k would be better
Cryorig h7
Scythe mugen 5 rev.b
Deepcool Lucifer k2
Arctic freezer 33
Be quiet dark rock pro 3

mskhyramae says:

I have question, in your video the fan is facing towards the front of the case. Is it better that way, or should it point towards the back of the case?

Master Legends says:

Freezer 33 pro or this ?

Hi I'm Ivan says:

just bought it hope it doesnt disappoint

Rayan says:

Nice video
The quality of your videos is improving 🙂

CozyOx45 says:

can this be installed horizontally? THanks 😀

No One says:

finally a legit video about cpu coolers


looks amazing, those fan blades

Zach's Tech Turf says:

Awesome video man! They sent me one too and I’m about to start my review, I also have a build that I’m gonna put it in like you did.

Vinsu Karma says:

whit brands like noctua, cooler master, artic cooling and many more doing a nice job with air coolers the AIO manufacturers may have to return to the workbench to rethink and rebuild AIO systems.

JaredT says:

Does it come with thermal paste?

Jrmjuve10 says:

Can you mount a different fans on these like a noctua fan?

Deplorable Patriot News says:

Getting me one from Amazon 29.99

TheRealCat says:

Will it work on an and fx 6300

Tyler Willems says:

Nice video man. I picked up this cooler for an i5 build, went well with my red theme. From what I saw, everything seemed good, but thank you for the in depth review here.

EHEH RON says:

The nice things this has over the cryorig h7 is the fan splitter and 5 bucks on price

The fan clips look like a pain.
You cant retighten mounts without removing fan.

Its basically the same size as h7 but claims 200w tdp and h7 claims 140w? Sounds good for marketing but I dont trust it. Especially if you want good temps and low noise.

Id go h7 everytime unless you really like these looks better. Just dont buy into their tdp value.

Vincent André says:

Thanks for the review. Glad to hear that you liked it.

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