Avanti Small Upright Freezer Review 2.9 Cu Ft Vertical

THANK YOU PATRONS! This is the new Avanti Small Upright Freezer that I got to freeze and store the homemade raw food that I am now making for the cats. I like it because it’s small, it will double the amount of space I have to freeze the food, and it’s laid out perfectly to do that. Avanti Freezer on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2ANGDTZ

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Doug Bloetscher says:

Now the big question is it Boo approved?

Henry says:

The early beginnings of the fastest selling raw cat food in America.LF Scoops featuring Hydrox Feral Formula.

Tim Smith says:

nice..that shelving it quite nice..i can see why you went for that one.

Ben Winkel says:

Feeling warm and fuzzy for that freezer.

Manda Midnight says:

Omg, that’s such a nice freezer with those shelves! I thought an upright freezer with baskets was good lol I was gonna get a 3.0 upright freezer for my cat too, so I could buy his raw food in bulk for him but when I went back to go get it, it wasn’t on the shelf! So maybe next time 🙂

spazowacky says:

that’s an interesting new cat tower you’ve got there 😀

Karen Oppenberg says:

Beautiful freezer. Spacious, yet very compact. Perfect for your needs.

渡辺ボス says:


Donna-Louise Cave says:

Nice sized freezer just what you needed. Now its time to make more food for the cats to fill the freezer so you don’t run out of food. I’m glad the money helps. Cuddles and kisses for the indoor cats, please say hello to Hydrox he is being a brave cat for you. Don’t worry about Hydrox eating so much Oska was the same at first till she became a decent weight, then she reduced the amount herself to retain the weight. Oska now watches your videos must bring back memories of her years as a feral.

dovegrey1 says:

Super cute—love the penguin sticker. You’re right, it’s perfect for your needs. Excellent investment!

Bob Lamb says:

With some plastic stand-offs (spacers) on each corner you could fit 3 or 4 cookies sheets on each level while the portions freeze but you might need more cookie sheets to do that.

pj Finn says:

Really like the freezer, great room inside of it. Just the right size. Very nice.

Zoa Langford says:

Nice freezer. Prefect for your needs.

xray606 says:

If you looked around, I bet there’s some wire helper shelves that you could double the shelf space.

David Davenport says:

“Hello, I’m Anthony Sullivan here to talk to you about America’s number one selling raw cat food-LF Scoops with new Boo’s Feral Formula!”

Eugene Vice says:

This will be very useful seeing as to how Hydrox seems to eat like a mountain lion.

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