Which?: Dyson Air Multiplier fan first look review

We’ve had the new bladeless Dyson Air Multiplier fan in the office for a few days so we had to ask, is it any good? and why would you buy it. Get the full review at http://www.which.co.uk/news/2009/10/dyson-air-multiplier-fan-launch-186125/?utm_campaign=video_home&utm_medium=video&utm_source=youtube_channel&utm_content=dysonairmultiplier&utm_term=description


Member? says:

£200?! just bought argos value range for 8.99! up yours dyson!

Jonathan Allen says:

My favorite desk fan was built in the 1920s.  It is made entirely of metal (cast iron frame and brass blades).  It uses a shunt-wound DC motor (I added a bridge rectifier for AC operation.)  It is so efficient that after running for hours the motor is still stone cold.  We were a bit worried about safety when our cat showed an interest, so I crumpled a piece of paper and threw it into the blades.  He understood immediately and kept his hands away.  I don’t know whether children have comparable intelligence. 

So far as I can tell the Dyson is just a gimmick. 

SuperDeluxe80 says:

ill just buy like 8 fans for that price.

Revolution says:


elushka29 says:

Thank you . You saved me £200

Twoclaw says:

I knew it was just a gimmick.

alak58 says:

it’s £250 now.
Brexit effect.

WJCTechyman says:

I’m not sure if I can take this video seriously when they say, “Dyson was the first to remove bags from vacuum cleaners” Firstly, he didn’t totally remove bags from his vacuum cleaners, they still have filters that need to be replaced and two, bagless vacuum cleaners have been around longer than he was living, two companies that beat him to the quick for bagless vacuum cleaners come to mind: The Rexair (now Rainbow, company is still Rexair) and Filter Queen (owned by Health-Mor. Industries). I have experienced better air flow to noise from $60 column fans. Most fans in general are enclosed in a cage or grating so that kids cannot be hurt from the blades.

Oof says:

Thanks for the good video!!

1292liam says:

i won’t bother with the dyson then =D

Xbot4Life says:

m8, sort them nails out

mike k says:

ahh common I thought you were gonna say, same reason you buy Apple vs the competition

Ger O'Mahony says:


Hyesuk Choi says:
ruan GOOFY says:

Sorry But that was more funny it looked like the guy did not know where to go When he said 200$ ahahahah

Joshuah Elmore says:

What the heck kind of experiment is that? “Here, let’s place them RIGHT beside each other and throw a few leaves in front of them.”

king Reyes says:

Look cool or stay cool, your choice, getting what you whant, or getting what you need!!!?

chandulal kolhe says:

that Fan has durable life or not……………

Sean Dali says:

Plasticy build, and 10X the price… and it’s not bladeless.
Yeah. Come off it.
Exactly where does all that extra money go?

calthmlikiseethm says:

Bladeless fan my ass the blades are in the base it doesn’t multiply in air it’s b******* all advertising hype how do you think they pay for all that advertising not by building a better product. But selling that useless crap for way more than it’s worth..

Matomiii says:

“english sucks”

steven amato says:


Mark Molson says:

I can´t understand how that works. It´s just incredible.

FutureGamerzZ says:

Buy 10 regular fans for the same price and get some epic cool down

Glenn Jordan says:

That’s sounds very interesting there Marcus 🙂

Jon Irenicus says:

The leafs LOL

jesse ryan says:

pretty much blows i say

Bes Mir says:

2:18 creepy eyes or just the usual case of being high. glassy eyes don’t lie

compound32 says:

The Dyson sucks..

OldschoolBoards99 says:

so basically its an unnessessarily expensive fan that does the same exact job

blakaeg says:

This fan is awful and noisy. I don’t like mine.

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