Vornado V-Flow Review | Large Tower Air Circulator | Fan Review | Model 184 & 153

I know this isn’t like most of the gadgets I review, but I hope you guys enjoy it! It is a quiet-operation tower fan with true whole-room circulation. Over all the best tower fan I have owned. I been using this for a month and half now and have had absolutely no issues. Please tell me down below if you would like more videos like this every once in awhile.

Vornado: http://alturl.com/bafk3
Walmart: http://alturl.com/ct5ic

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Prince Charles Edward Larkin says:

it works better in close range

Daniel Dunn says:

I don’t think you’re pronouncing it correctly. It should be pronounced like ‘tornado’ with a V.

Jim Cross says:

The fan looks horrendous, but your home looks fantastic, I give it to you Americans you have the dosh and know how to spend it, very envious..;o)

JrTech says:

Ohh yahh I had to need to clean it so far, so I dont know. Sorry

Freddy Granados says:

so dos it cool off the room or is it just an air circulator ?

Darren Tomkins says:

There are two things that people want to know about any kind of fan / circulator: 
1) How cool does it make you feel?
2) How quiet is it?

Given we can’t experience (1) above in a video directly, (2) becomes more important… but you spoke all the way through the video so we can’t hear how quiet or noisy it is…

JrTech says:

np and thanks! wow thats amazing, usually a company takes a day or two.

Luis Duenas says:

the design is fake and gay

ToThePointGames says:

Why would you NOT show the fan running?

dean2663 says:

You have a 60-70 foot long room?

HighTendenciezzz says:

25 foot ceilings. Got damn, you live in a fucking mansion or something? haha

SuperDude214 says:

Dude that room is fucking huge, circulation is the last problem u have

cor3274 says:

Another downside to the fan is its nearly impossible to clean and remove the internal dust that it collects within.

sam aoraha says:

you have a beautifull house !

Samuel Brownfield says:

I was actually just looking at new fans – I’m looking at Lasko’s as it circulates about 200-300 cfm  ~ 1/3 more air, and has a built in ionizer.  My sister has the Vornado, or at least a shorter version, and is happy with it.  

Just whatever you do people – do not buy a Dyson fan – not worth it (as everybody on the internet confirms.)


cor3274 says:

Selecting it is a nice fan but I feel it is priced too high.Not an average fan but good enough for one person to cool you off.I don’t believe this fan would cool off more than 1-2 people.If that’s what you’re in the market for.

Teddy Berner says:

dude i have the limited edition xefhiwrbryhefhoajdvbugb12310842987398162392758 tower fan it has a 65 turbine box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! merrrrp

No Name says:

Well, thanks for the review?????…….Sorry but, everything you stated in your review is pretty much exactly the description of the fan you can read yourself anywhere. It’s like you’re reading the manual…lol.

Also, I highly doubt the room you are in is anywhere near 60 to 70 feet in width.

I appreciate the effort though.

Gym Rat 5 says:


jass gill says:

does this rotate?

Gorillaz o says:


Madeline Woe says:

Advise to all of you reviewers I WANNA SEE THE AIR FLOW.  Not hear a bunch of words. SHOW ME HOW STRONG IT BLOWS AND HOW QUIET IT IS please.

cor3274 says:

I purchased this fan 2 summers ago,I was anxious to get it home to set it up,well I would rate it 3 stars out of 5.The fan has 3 different speed settings along with a timer setting. I like the appearance but this isn’t an important factor the sound isn’t an annoying on the low speed setting but when adjusted to the other levels very loud to me where I must increase the volume on my tv.Very nice cool air but I really was tricked by this so call v flow feature. I don’t feel it made this fan worth

123isperfect6 says:

venture out my friend.

pavy415 says:

this sucks I have a vornado and it’s a piece of shit way to much noise and no air flow. I got a holmes tower fan and it is 1000 times better believe me

Ronald Chan says:

Thanks for the reply. Awesome video BTW. Just heard back from their customer service within 10 mins of emailing them: “There will be some resistance when you put in the screws. They cut the threads in the plastic as they go in and should be tight to the base when fully in.” what great customer service!

Walter Nishida says:

good job big guy


The one I had, I used to take it apart because the dust built up so bad that it threw dust balls at my eyes.

But it was a desk tower fan. Not even in the same league as this.

jpw275hp1 says:

If you adjust your t-stat to save money and add a fan, just how much electricity are you saving? 240 volt a/c is more efficient than 120 volt a/c. I am just adding food for thought so everyone will be more informed consumers. Read wattage of appliances and do the math.

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