The Ultimate Air Purifier / Fan Combo – Dyson PURE – Consumer Review !



YouTube Commentary says:

Does the air purifier fan blow the cool air just like the cool air fans they offer?

JonahR says:

I have a dyson AM09 heater and fan. Nice design but ok build quality

DJLoveNoise says:

this fan is amazing!!!! Buy IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Greg Bryson says:

PURify not PAIRify. what is going on??

Jemma Marycz says:

Where did you buy it on sale?

Gary Morgan says:

You haven’t sold me this item

mr big says:

this is a life saver when you wanna smoke weed indoors

Joao Ponder says:

There’s too much about the operation (how it is controlled etc) and not nearly enough qualitative information. For example, how good is the cooling during a hot humid day/night ? It has the word “cool” in the title (which you left out) so does it do its job better than, say, a regular fan ? I’m not sure this would help me decide if it was worth buying. A comment on the cooling capability would have been helpful!

Lennox1492 says:

what kind of alarm clock is that, i love it

Bomber J says:

So, I’ve been watching and reading reviews on this..
a few things – you had mentioned that the filter lasts a year, it’s actually just over 4000 hrs which is 6 months.
The filter is not washable and you can’t turn it off if you want to just run the fan. So they recommend you take the hepa filter out if you just want to run the fan.
Also, this connects to your it analyses the air quality in your local area and can adjust automatically to work harder or less depending on allergens etc in the air. You have the ability to check the temp in the room as well as the humidity and air quality from anywhere you get a phone signal. You can also adjust it from where ever you are as well through an app (free to download) on your phone.

Gary Seven says:

Do not buy a ‘Luma’ air purifier: NEVER buy this machine. Replacement filters have all been discontinued.

flywithnick says:

Great review! Just got the hot cool purifier! Priced match at Best Buy.

Where did you get your digital alarm clock?!

Nicken0o0 says:

Can they eliminate the air polution? Well, just asking.

Taylor Wilson says:

Per qvc Dyson rep, the filter is good for 1 year, at 12 hours a day, not 24 hrs, just so people know

ana luengo says:

An in-depth review,? You have no way of telling how good it is at cleaning the air… that is not an in-depth review, that is 3mins 34 seconds of my life I will not get back

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