Best Fan for Summer- Lasko 4930 Review | EpicReviewGuys in 4k

After moving to Texas conventional fans just didn’t cut it and we needed MORE air. The Lasko 4930- has done a great job of keeping us cool all summer. It is a blower rather than a fan- which means it uses a motor turning a “hamster wheel” of blades that throw the air into a tube which then blows the air out several feet above the floor. Since the air intake on this Lasko model is down at the floor this means that cooler air is being pulled in and then blown out up at “seat level” where the air is warmer. Because of this cooler air blowing out some people have even mistaken the Lasko 4930 HVB for an air conditioner. Quite a compliment!

Recorded in Ultra HD 4k.

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Equalist Spirituality says:

Awsome review man. Like.

H Narula says:

Love the way you’re enjoying the breeze.

Syukri Mustafa says:

guys..anybody know link/website that show video like this comparison…such air cooler vs stand fan? may share to me?

360deeman says:

Can’t beat an old 50’s box fan in the window drawing in cool night air. Plus the fan can be maintained and oiled easily! Can’t beat 60 years of service!

Kanal39 says:

@ rob k

Ja, and it is forbidden by law, too.

iPoop says:

But won’t a tower fan heat up when it’s on for several hours, so it will eventually blow warm air?

Tiffany Vanderhider says:

this cracked me up. and helped me make my decision on what fan to buy. thanks!

Lisa Wilson says:

i have 3 of the tower fans all bought at Sams but after about a year the oscillating feature just stops working. It’s a great fan except for that issue. If anyone knows how to repair this please share!

Jason Stacks says:


James Robinson says:

Central Texas has two seasons…Summer & ‘Hotter than the lake of fire during a nuclear meltdown’!!!

Magical 75577 says:

is it good for summer to use Fan Tower well mine is a mistral brand fan tower

Craig Armstrong says:

Great review! On average we get 3 years out of a standard blade fan with brass bearings. Your point about it being a blower is a good insight. I appreciate your mentioning what kind of fan (squirrel cage) as these are the quietest types of fans like on my graphics card.

Hector A. says:

there is a way to clean up this blower fan for the inside??  mine is full of dust from inside and no found any way to unscrew the screws to clean up because is to difficult…

Al Robins says:

Best fan EVER! Wife made me get rid of it because she did not like the way it looked. Spent more money on a “fancy” retro pedestal fan that lasted only 2 weeks and its high setting could not even match the Lasko on setting 1! Now I am desperately trying to find another Lasko to help with this heat wave in Southern CA.

msPlums7 says:

How does this compare to a velocity fan?

Vyllence Gaming says:

great video – i am in the market for a fan that will make my room cooler expecially when all my tvs and stuff are turne don and this was informative. i hope to find a decent tower fan like that one

Jessica Hutt says:

I am your number 1 fan

Jayvon says:

It seems quite loud though.

Lindie Lee says:

Smoke Bombs?  I’ve never seen them – fascinating!  Your lovely daughter with her long hair should have been in this one.   I need a tower fan that sucks in from the back since we put them in front the sliding glass door to bring the cool air in. . 

Jesse J. says:


Joana Adams says:
Eve Smith says:

bloody hell look at the size of that thing

Daniel Isabelle says:

I used to use this big industrial medal fan and it was better than an air condition it would work so good I had to shut it off because it got to cold

Discordant says:

Is there anything i won’t masturbate to?

Shaud Farhang says:

it like in sceince 

Lori Ward says:

I’m going to be investing in a couple of these. We have window units and we live in Georgia while the heat isn’t as bad as TX usually the humidity can be pretty uncomfortable! Your videos are very helpful! I look forward to them!

Hiram Juarbe says:

chevere gracias por la comparacion
y la recomendacion de limpieza

3Revs says:

I went to best buy and saw these fans, Dyson fans, They had a little control to test them and i thought they were pretty cool, i just couldnt figure out were the air came out of LOL, heres the pic

Jonathan Berman says:

Won’t that also pick up dust and cat fur from the floor and clog the fan or blow allergens around?

815daffyduck1 says:

I’m a big FAN of your videos :). Sorry I had to lol.

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