Washing Machine Buying Guide | Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports breaks down the different types of washing machines, from HE top-loaders and front loaders to laundry centers and combination units, to help you choose the best one for your home.

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Blanca W says:

1:41 There is absolutely no water in there! Guess the way manufactures are able to extract so much water with their new machines is to not use any in the first place! I prefer my old machine that fills the water up to the top and actually gets clothes clean. I had one of those water saving machines and it was crap. There were times I finished a load and found there was a section of the clothing that never got wet. No way those clothes were clean!

pritim2009 says:

she forgot that i need to absorb this crackling froggy explanation

Juan-Antonio Zuniga says:

I’ve used Consumer Reports when buying my appliances. They get it right!
It’s not their fault that the best rated appliance doesn’t last as long as the good old ones.

Commentator541 says:

Also 17 pounds machine??? Who needs that? A family of 8? 10 pounds capacity is more than enough.

guy proulx says:

New washing machines are junk compared to the ones we had 20-30 years ago, same goes for everything else, now everything is built with planned obsolescence and doesn’t last nearly as long as the stuff we had just a few decades ago, they want to save the planet but they make throw away junk that needs to get replaced more often, go figure

inane says:

Best advice ever never overload your washer
Something to think about we tend to overload ours and after 12 months 6 days after purchase…RIP.

Bruce John Shourt says:

The “background” music is way too loud. It’s competing with the narration and reduces the intelligibility. “Bad sound (and music) makes good video look bad.”

Ivan Vojt says:

Go to Home Depot & get a box of TSP & add it to every load. No more BO smells in your towels. If you don’t want 18K lb. towels don’t use Fabric Softener.

winger j says:

If you like stinky clothes and mold and mildew get a front loader.

Max Shadow says:

This isn’t even a new video (even though it’s dated May 7, 18), it’s jus a re-upload.
Even the machines were dated (you can tell by model changes though the years).
Look at those HE3 Kenmores and Samsungs and GE’s, Whirlpool doesn’t even make those touch screens anymore.
What was the point of the re-post?

jayden davis says:

Cool video

d ff says:

Bosch and maytag maxima xl frontloads are best just reengineer water level yourself. Consumer repots knows nothing of metallurgy or bearing seals or even how a toaster works. I’m expert, not them. /PROVEN.

Sam S says:

I like they test compact washers now, it is better than trying to extrapolate from a full sized washer’s performance.

Matrix Man says:

All the new ones are junk.

lowspeed says:

Wow that background music is annoying

Robert Montgomery says:

Durability? Repair costs? The new washers suffer in these areas

gamerstashers says:

Ill take the 8 to 12 lbs portable…. cheap

PussMag says:

wife loves it, specially, the folding feature

Scott Ostrum says:

Waiting for machine that washs, dries, and folds without doing anything.

d ff says:

Consumer reports always wrong and are paid mouthpieces for corporate ne’erdowells.

Frederick Soileau says:

While you may be able to put a washer and a electric dryer in your bed room. You can not have a gas dryer in your bed room.

Steve Thornton says:

“you test for water and energy efficiency, noise and more”. how about how well they clean clothes. Were sick of the EPA and green freaks making us downgrade results to make the world green. Laundromat uses a ton of water but only takes 30 mins to wash but my front loader can run 2.5 hours to pre-wash, extra rinse, sanitize, etc. and still not get them as clean as the 30 min laundromat. Thankfully we have youtube to tell us what you won’t.

Tom M says:

Like others have stated here, the new washers are junk. They all praise themselves on being “water savers”, but the fact is you need water (and soap) to get clothes clean. If the washing machine isn’t putting out enough water, you won’t get clean clothes…Plain and simple.

Commentator541 says:

Or just buy one off Amazon for 300$….

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