The NewAir PORTABLE Mini Dryer!!!

Who doesn’t like MAIL!? We got our NewAir Portable Mini Dryer today, so we’re doing a little review!”

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Dee says:

But did it dry the clothes properly?

Kathy Hudgins says:

Is it a 220 or is it a 110?

Jamie Jamie says:

I have this dryer and it worked great until the fuse blew. It’s impossible to get a replacement fuse that fits.

WordHermit3t Investigate4Yourself says:

How long did it take the clothes to dry?

Cheekie Reynolds says:

I know this video is a year old but thank you so much. I just purchased this dryer but the smaller one and I love it! I’m a single mom of 3 and coin laundry was not an option for me. I vent my dryer inside with an indoor kit and so far so good. It does take longer to dry clothes but it beats going to the laundromat and waiting for an empty washer an dryer. Plus I’m not supposed to have a dryer where I live so I can easily hide it. This is truly the best option for me and when it breaks down I’ll purchase another.

weareanonmyous wecannotbestopped says:

Ik this video was for me when he said tacos yum

Jahdiel Pinero says:

A kid for be happy just need a box , I need 2 millions dollar for have fun

Stephanie Jackson says:

now that’s some life saving ah**

sandraglove10 says:

You have a beautiful family folks! great review!

Igor Schmidlapp says:

No wonder the husband is out “looking for parts”… who could tolerate her voice and those screaming kids…

Willow Creek Homestead says:

The Boy with the scissors got a PROPER SCOLDING after the camera turned off and i noticed!! 🙂

scacdmann says:

All I could picture when that little brat was sliding the box across the floor was the huge scratches left behind by the plastic bands.

Sharon Sherman says:

One piece at a time ,and takes a hour to dry.Great

Davey Jones says:

Show off in front of a camera

lefty brokehandz says:

Are you married

Marco Morel says:

I noticed you guys have a Bosch washing machine. I know those are kinda small but I see your family and I want to know how well this machine works for you guys and how reliable its been. Thanks
Great video by the way

Autobot032 says:


Richard Fernandez says:

Trying to make you lives a little easier are you?

Joe Botz says:

Could you dry a blanket in there?

Steve McQuack says:


Stacey Story says:


Jemease Tate says:

what size is this one?

Jeanette Duncan says:

Have to get one my landlord is so f****** cheap that she won’t let me have a washer and dryer and this is what I need I’m on the second floor the machines where I go is so expensive at the laundromat I wash things at home and it takes so long to drive this is be a good thing for a small apartment with just a few people I am going to buy this I am so excited

Jemease Tate says:

I can fit quite a few articles in it! It works amazingly!

Igor Schmidlapp says:

Shilling for NewAir…

Florida Railfanningkid says:

You should get a metal duct for the dryer vent

hawkturkey says:

These look like modern dull pointed scissors, not the old kind that can easily stab. If so it wouldn’t be wrong to put them in a pocket. But anything, even a ruler, should be laid down before handling a large object.

Crystal C says:

Omg that little boy holding this Scissors is so cringe he he could stab someone on accident

Tina Louise says:


joanna kennedy says:

Hold on you have a lot of land, Ever heard of lines to put your washing on, like on between trees?

brightful5 says:

Jeremy from jersey just subscribed

weareanonmyous wecannotbestopped says:

I need one of these

Christina Gonzalez says:

Very cute mini dryer tiny small places dorm, RV traveling, small cabin on vacation, studio, ect..

Chardeya Green says:

after you cut the straps all you had to do was lift the box

Jason says:

Teach your boy how to handle scissors before he hurts someone or himself

victoria brown says:

Thank you for sharing. how much?

Annie Gaddis says:

Next time, but the box on it’s SIDE and just SLIDE it out, instead of lifting it out. What if you dropped it?
The Dryer ran fine on 220, but you mentioned taking it on trips. Do you have an adaptor to run it off RV batteries?
Also, make a new home rule: Kids do NOT talk or make noises when the video is on, or go outside. I’m a mean mom that makes rules, but my neighbors all love me, because their kids come home and behave better when they’ve been over here for a while. HA!


Why did they gift it for you?just curious

Robert St Don says:

Yes the mom needs to tell her kid to put the scissor down .plus he was cutting towards his sister .and. Should have laid box down an pulled out dryer.if the girl dropped it .no more dryer .

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