The NewAir PORTABLE Mini Dryer!!! | MiniDryer 26W Review

We got our NewAir Portable Mini Dryer today, so we’re doing a little review!


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Nick Donaldson says:

Cool unit. Thanks for sharing

Mark Collins says:

Will it be ok to run on solar?? what is the wattage or amps it draws a dryer will draw a lot of watts but you could run it on the generator, being “portable it may not draw lots of watts, be interesting to know the draw on the dryer. cheers

Walker Outdoors says:

Very nice

Robert McCandless says:

Leave the washer door open, or it will build up mold and smell.

HEAVENBOUND Homestead says:

That is awesome

james carid says:

Hi Ashley, Jeremy, it looks pretty good. You might have to get a bigger inverter for the homestead. Talk to you later.

Phil Lully says:

Ashley, that dryer sounds noisy for a new dryer?? hope its ok… I’m guessing it’s a alternating current dryer and not a direct current dryer?

ricky bobby 78 says:

firstly i will say all the best for the coming year ahead.
2ndly, subscribed to you last week an since been and gone through your videos which today finally caught up to your latest, your notifications will have likely exploded earlier after i went back through an liked them all :).
yes, couldve done it whilst i went but after watching a few i got into them an decided i would go back after lol.
thoroughly enjoyed the videos, hope to see more soon an equally hope that april time comes around fast so we get to see you hopefully back on the 70 acres.

Owl Family Adventures says:

Our friends bought the same one and they love it!

james michael says:

never saw 1 like it nice

Henry Rodgers says:

Wow that certainly is a nice little dryer . You can use an indoor catch system as well . Check all the reviews and just about every one gave it 5 stars . Perfect for any small space . Just plug it in and away you go . Please just make sure that you use a metal  smooth pipe to vent the dryer when installing the dryer in the cabin. Plastic is very dangerous and it can catch fire . I’m very impressed with you guys . All of the appliances are great . From the propane stove , wood stove and fridge . You guys have really done your research . I’ll bet you have helped out a lot of people and I am one of them . Thanks so much . Another great video.

Sean Rockinboxes says:

That’s a really cool machine

jeff hayward says:

Do you know where I can get a small washer to go with this dryer?

Sojourner says:

Awesome and cute compact size, will match perfectly with your little washer. I saved the link. I will have to go back through your videos and see if you added a link to the washer, I’d like to check that out. Thanks Girl!

Janine Gober says:

Pretty darn nifty!

Eric Sumnicht says:

Does it run on regular 110 household current? 240? Gas? What makes the heat and air flow?
What’s the warranty like? How much does the unit cost retail price? Is it made in China? Who will service the unit when it breaks down? Who sells replacement filters and parts? How do you get replacement filters? Is there anything that you could use for filters in a grid down long-term situation?

mdoe37 says:

Thanks for posting that. My mother will be getting to the point soon where running up and down the basement stairs to wash isn’t the plan. She already has a mini washer….but this!

50 shades of green says:

Good day to you guys !! Thanks for sharing your review for the newair portable tumble dryer

Richard Green says:

Don’t use the plastic air venting tube….lint will collect and cause a fast fire and burn down the cabin…use aluminum vent piping only.

MandJ c says:

happy for you.

MandJ c says:


Pretty Rough Acres Farm says:

Probably could have gotten away with 20 minutes for that size load.

The Red Road Warriors says:

They are great !!

Jocelyn Critch says:


The Red Road Warriors says:

I just bought me one too.

Ginny Bullock says:

Wow I really like that dryer. Thanks for sharing it and showing us how it works. What kind of washer do you have at the cabin? I would be interested in that as well. Take care <3<3<3

Two Wild Onions Homestead says:

Wow this is really awesome

Ash's Treasure says:

Hello that is so cool. Though i do not like tecnology to a point i do like the new innovations with washers and dryers. Thank you for sharing stay warm and safe. Have a wonderful day.

Martin Johnson says:

Cool little dryer.

Mapleberry Farm - Off Grid & Outdoors says:


Deb Allen says:

So very happy for you! You did an excellent product review too. You’ve persevered long enough on that laundry front woman and you deserved that new washer and dryer set up. Virtual double high fives to you both on that. One of life’s little luxuries and I really think a necessity. My Aunts told me the number one invention that made the most impact on their lives was the washer and dryer. I had 12 aunts. They said once they had a washer and a dryer their whole lives changed. Wash day was a whole day for a huge family. I have admired your tenacity. You do what You gotta do and you both did it well. Looking forward to what ever direction your journey goes. God bless.

Virginia Reid says:

With your washer at the cabin, this will be a welcomed addition. No more frozen socks to bring in from a close line. So very happy for you.

Marc A Gagnon says:

Will Jer be installing a clothes line for you as well? On the homestead???

Bettina H. says:

That is great!! This will make things so much easier for you once you are back at the cabin.

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