The LG Washer Dryer Combo…Two Year Review!

I love to evaluate products after I have used them for a long time…this LG all in one washer dryer has been nothing but spectacular! We love it!


Ripples Rockefeller says:

Ty Ladies!!! This review will help me convince my hubby to buy me this unit!!!! LOL….Also peace of mind for buying a product that is relatively new!!!…..Awesome review!!!



joey cupcake says:

Thank you so much. This is by far the most helpful review of this machine.

Ronald Bigbie says:

I first seen one of these combo’s around 1972 I think it was made in the late 60’s. Nothing new about these!

Hvguy says:

what’s up with the straps on your hot water tank, do they walk off that frequently?

RU12 says:

Ok, I just found out Rosie is a transgender – THANK GOD!!  Thought I was losing my mind  to OZ there for a few minutes.  So, Rosie is a he who wants(or claims) to be a she but, the partner in the relationship is a woman?  Well, Rosie seems like a real sweetheart of a person with a good heart..


what is the model number. I am very interested

alzathoth says:

how long does it take to dry a normal sized load in ‘normal dry mode’?

iceQman101 says:

your a male female combo unit…..haha….and what does “warsh” mean anyway?

PhiPsiWildcat says:

What model number are you reviewing?

Sharon Middlteon says:

How big is it? Because I have to got it past mt water heater and is available in the US

Jenn & Rosie Reality TV says:

It is a mighty fine Unit and I can only recommend it, 2 Thumbs up 🙂

Centavia Robinson says:

O my goodness thanks tho

Brie Browne says:

LG …. Life’s Good !

RU12 says:

No way. Who has time to be doing laundry all day. I can wash 3 maybe 4 loads and have them dried with a conventional w/d  in the time it takes this one to do 1 load. I’ve had a Whirlpool Cabrio $1000.00 what a piece of crap. Brought it back

MartinFrederick Graafland says:

Thanks for the excellent detailed review! Much appreciated. We just bought an LG WM3170CW washer, applied for PG&E rebate and a rebate from the Marin Municipal Water District.
We hardly ever use the our dryer, just like your partner! We also saved the discharged water into a trash can and watered the garden with it. Of course we used biodegradable detergent.
I love the fact that this new washer uses very little water and is specialized in cold wash cycles.! Since the new washer (replacement of a 17 year old Maytag Neptune front loader) uses so little water we won’t bother saving the water for the garden any more. That’s the only down side!

jamaq says:

I don’t want to make you self conscious, but, you can’t say water.

talldude123 says:

I like how small that machine is! Small footprint! And it’s nice that you don’t have to worrry about unloading clothes into a dryer! My washer and dryer are front-loading; but they’re from 2004 so they’re a bit older… but still work fine. I’ll have to look to see if my machine is belt driven or direct driven… Hmm… 

Jana 3 3 -18 says:

Are you a man or a women ? What have u done with your body 🙁

Max Little says:

A person who is a man and a woman all in one reviewing an appliance that is a washer and dryer all in one. How often do you get to see that? Seriosly though, I appreciate the video and found it very helpful.

Frances MaGinness says:

Your Patience to hold back for all this time is Tide-normous. 
What a great machine.
I am L(an)G-washing in Dry-zire and want one someday.

bp1995 says:

hi Rosie you sold it for me im getting one year

Lucky Lupocino says:

Thank you for talking the time and posting this …. I’m shopping for one … I want the 4.3 Cubic Feet … I want to wash Comforters … If it can wash and dry one of those that’ll be perfect

Mark Furrer says:

honey you believe in unicorns so every you say is full of dought and few gallons of water dont clean nothing but electric bills are double..

LaDonna Rhoads says:

Are you sure you’re not from the boonies of IL?  My neighbor lady used to worsh and rinch her clothes too!

Veronica Nelson says:

can you use the dryer without having to wash?

No Name says:

I’d be more concerned about the warranty and the reputation of the manufacturer than about whether it has a belt; belts are cheap and my 30 year-old whirlpool is still running on the original serpentine belt. Some front loaders have had problems with bearings and/or corrosion that required much more expensive repairs than belt replacement, but the 10 year warranty sticker on that machine looks promising.

shawn170204 says:

I would never buy LG washer and dryers products. When something goes on them only a service man is accessible to fix it even if you’re capable of fixing it yourself. So you can’t get the part without involving the service man. You have to order off Amazon and it takes 7-10 weeks for the parts to be delivered. If you go through the service man he is going to nail your ass a lovely bill for a $30 part he has access to over night and that you were capable of putting on yourself. This happened to my sister and I’m in the process of looking for a new set for my new laundry room. I have no idea what I’m getting as of yet as I’m in the process of researching how accessible parts are if something goes wrong on the machines. All I know is I’m steering clear of LG not very convenient if something goes wrong with the pumps. Also her machine set is 7 years old and it was the washer pump that went on it.

James Crutchfield says:

There are several LG combo washer dryers, what is the model number for you review?

chuck mayer says:

is this a dude

Miss Robin Martz says:

I NEED this. My washer leaks on the floor and my dryer JUST quit on me. So I’m getting one of these! Thanks for the review

turblown says:

I would buy two and then I could do two loads at once! Genius.

HowsaBowsaYowsa says:

Good lord get a speedqueen washer you can have incredibly clean clothes in 30 minutes and they are built like a brick shithouse.

nomebear says:

I have the under counter model and I love it. It does a terrific job of cleaning and I like the fact that the clothes are slightly damp when I pull from the dryer, and that means that I get out of ironing by hanging them up right away. My clothes aren’t normally that dirty, so I use the Quick Wash cycle which takes 23 minutes to wash. One caveat: I don’t use liquid detergent because I think that it has something to do with mold build up in front loaders.

DeLynn says:

I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews for this machine….. your’s was the best! Thanks Rosie!

user3251 says:

Whats the model number?

mrdookiepotpie says:


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