Review: Speed Queen ADEE8RGS electric dryer.

Here is a walk around on our 2 month old made in USA Speed Queen ADEE8RGS 7.0CF front load electric dryer.

Specs: reliable
7.0 cu. ft.
Front load
3 Temperature settings
Leveling legs
Galvanized steel drum
6 dry cycles
Exterior Width:26″‘
Touch pad controls
240 volts
30 amps
Reversible side swing door
ADA compliant
Big load
Moisture sensor


RiveraSA says:

Design in the USA is like in the 1970’s ….but cool Dryer.

catkicked says:

I have a timer control speed queen dryer does not make  that sound yours does  at start up very quiet works great

Sara Farnsworth-Paine says:

I have the same dryer and it doesn’t make that noise at all

Smurdle450 says:

At least Speed queen uses better electronics that don’t die like other brands. Don’t sweat the electronics, they’re very high quality.

yesitsmario says:

How long does it take to dry a large load of towels?

Subzero Arctics says:

What happens if you don’t put back that dryer vent thing covering the lint filter? I know their commercial units don’t have them… I’m curious as to why their consumer ones do…

Bassntruck says:

I just wanted to give an update. If you had not noticed from my channel we had a house fire. The Dryer went swimming thanks to the FD. At this moment we currently are washer and dryer less.

Ed Yager says:

I just got my set today . series 9 Speed queen . I ran 1 load so far . Works awesome . Only thing with the washer is I wish they had a bigger tub . 3.3 cu/ft is ok but 4.0 would been perfect for the king comforters .

hetouahta htneuohtnueo says:

Is the 9 series worth the money over the 8? It has a medium heat setting and an “eco” cycle. Does the blue light blink all night long even when it’s supposedly powered off?

Scott Edenfield says:

Thanks for uploading this. I have this exact same unit and when it starts, I get that exact same noise and I was wondering if I needed to call Speed Queen. Apparently it just does it. I know they have a stronger blower than your typical dryer, maybe that’s what it is. I had a Maytag Centennial set, the dryer would get hot while running on top, this one slightly warm. I love my Speed Queens and that 5 Year Warranty. I too got my dryer rack in like a month from when I sent the card.

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