Review of the Samsung AddWash™ Ecobubble Washer Dryer

Review of the Samsung AddWash™ Ecobubble WD90K5410OX 9Kg / 6Kg Washer Dryer with 1400 rpm – Graphite!

*We were gifted this item in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are own.


lucentguy85 says:

I want to buy this machine, it seems good! But I want to ask about drying quality and results…do it dry well?


Thanks for Review: i buy this weekend the same Washer Dryer AddWash Graphite WD11K6410OX is the versión 11.5 Kg / 7 kg.

Toji George says:

I wish samsung made large capacity ecobubble washer dryers without the shitty addwash door because with that type of door, you can’t see inside the drum

Alan Louganis says:

I was about to buy Samsung WF45K6500AV on (Stainless steal black is more expensive and that is the one I was going to buy) but some people have posted that it gets dirty and finger prints on it? Should I pay little less and go for a white one? By the way, can I come and do my laundry at your place when I am in London in May? You are very handsome. Normally I am not into British accents, but your tatts and your personality seems so kewl. Thanks, and you can send me a message on facebook. I am going to buy this washer today, but still not sure in Stainless black or in White???

yeah yeah says:

Hello I’m thinking about buying a Samsung washer dryer I like the look of that one which model number is it thank you geezer

NumaticVacuum says:

He is hot.

Robert says:

Who the hell cares about that machine? He forgot to take off his clothes to put them in too, sexy hunk…

lynn fletcher says:

I’ve purchase the Samsung eco bubble on 4 th December it is level but when it spins it’s making a right noise my cups are rattling on cup holder my oven grill is vibrating my kitchen tap is bouncing I’ve re calibrate it it’s really loud any one experience this problem I’ve rang know how up they want to charge me if it’s not a fault

Steven Wilson says:

Samsung sucks and this machine is junk! Died just after a year with warranty up. Planned obsolescence. Thanks $amsung, NOT!

keg10609 says:

Only clicked cuz he is sexy as ffff

Angel Walker says:

That’s a nice machine , but it’s not available in the United States.

andra focke says:

How long does it take for a load to fully dry?

M SS says:

dose it really dry clothes? how long it takes to dry clothes?

Minha Nash says:

but it’s get large wibration on drying!why this occer

Hanan Salah says:

Where do you remove the lint?

gaganxs says:

I have a question. did you have any trouble registering it online for the warranty. I am struggling with serial number – the serial number on my machine is of 15 characters but the online register asks for 16 character. did you use the serial number from inside near the door? Thanks.

yeah yeah says:

Sorry I’ve just found where the model number is Deezer great video

amit shejwal says:

but what’s the point if ur pausing the machine to open the small door u can open the main door instead

TeaCup says:

Is this nuclear powered?

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