Pros and Cons of the LG All in One Washer Dryer Combo #WM3488HS

Keith talks about the pros and cons of the LG 24 inch ll in One Washer Dryer Combo model #WM3488HS. This appliance can wash and dry your clothes all in one machine! Check out the video for some helpful information on how to use this washer/ dryer and who this would best fit!

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41MMichael says:

These are junk. Does not even have a lint catch. All of the lint gets caught up inside the machine, I have to dismantle my machine once per year just to clean out a lintball about the size of a small cat. This guy missed the con about that. And no, I don’t have a wife and three kids using the dam thing.

K R says:

He doesn’t mention in there that this dryer doesn’t require a vent. That’s another reason why it takes so long to dry because it’s not letting moisture exhaust escape.

Walter Grace says:

One drawback with these combos is they go through drain pumps. This is because they use the pump to drain the water on the wash and rinse AND to dry the clothes. To dry clothes, this washer heats up the water really hot and then drains it out. Eventually the clothes will get dry, but it triples wear on the drain pump. The drain pumps on these combos are no stronger than a regular washing machine. If you use this washer combo like the salesman is telling you, it should work fine. But there are drawbacks. I work on LG and Samsung for a living.

Alfred Newman says:

If you do multiple loads you almost double your time
(One machine, two cycles)
If you have a washer AND DRYER you can wash one load while the other days cutting the time significantly

mikefromwa says:

We had one and it doesn’t work. It’ll wash the clothes, but no matter how long it spins for the drying cycle the clothes never really get dry. We sent it back.

Steven Strain says:

Your clothes will dry faster if you do not dry full loads in these machines. A tumble dryer needs to be roughly double the volume, or 2x the size of the washers max capacity. This virtually guarantees the dryer always has enough extra free space to get your clothes dry without taking all day, even with full loads. Next time at the appliance center look at the matching set of washer/dryer’s, note how much larger the dryers are next to the washer set.

In this case, as both the washer and the dryer are combined to share the same drum. It’s up to you to realize this if attempting to dry a large wash load. Make room in the dryer or it will take a long long time.

And finally, this connects via a standard 120V (US) household electric plugin. This may further limit performance vs a 220V system. Adjust expectations accordingly.

Negi Hyuga says:

Does that mean that if you want to wash and dry you must first turn it to your selected option before turning it on and then press the start button

goobot1 says:

How long have these combo’s existed? Usually with time things get better.

Amy Dong says:

mine broke down so much..I had to replace it with a Bosch stackable washer and dryer….I had to hire an electrician to rewire the circuit..and laundry days are less frustrating after getting the Bosch set…the LG washer and dryer combo sucks big time…sorry LG..just saying how it is…and I am sure your other things are good

pramod acharya says:

Exactly the machine I had in my mind

Jet Mtn SSS says:

Good demo’. How much do these cost?

Nikhil Pawar says:

Does it come with an exhaust pipe and should it be placed near to a window?

auaiao9 says:

Washers now take longer to wash clothes because they don’t use enough water. JUNK

Idris M says:

Pretty good machine. Although the dry time can take up to 3 hours, you can always wash your clothes over night or during the week while your at work. Problem solved. The biggest flaw is that their isn’t no efficient way to catch lint. You manually have to get a wet towel after every dry cycle. Overall a good machine in my opinion.

Robert Williams says:

How wrinkled are the clothes after drying? I have a 12 year old combo washer and dryer and you can’t even iron out the wrinkles and am looking for a replacement.

Toussantlbisso says:

Thanks Bud. I mean Keith.

catracha V. says:

I need one because my husband get the work cloth damm dirty n need to wash almost everyday his cold weather sweaters

Kiki Martinez says:

LG is just not a profitable brand to service,i stopped servicing them and Samsung.Buyer beware…….

Mary Beth Dew says:

I want it

laurie vesterinen says:

I just got my tiny house and I have this washer/dryer combo but can’t figure out how to use it so hope this helps.

Nähwichtel Nähen says:

hail germany for 220V. those combos are a bit… i dont know. i just found one machine 8kg washing 7kg dryer combo. others are just 7 kg washing and 4 kg dryer

Jo-Ann Frank says:

How does it handle bricks?

Gary Langley says:

I had a Philco Bendix washer dryer combo, made in about 1959. It had one knob for the wash cycle, and one for dry time. It was a gas heated dryer, and would vent the exhaust with 2 solenoid operated doors. It had a fast spin so the clothes did not take long to dry. GE had a combo machine back then that had a condenser dryer like the LG. It would heat the clothes, while spraying cold water behind a plate in the machine. The water vapor would condense on the plate and run into the pump where it would be pumped down the drain along with the cold water. My Philco Bendix machine would take about 1 hour for wash and dry of regular clothes. Here is a commercial of one that was a little older than mine.

The Tish Tish says:

Where does the water source come from? Do you need additional plumbing if you don’t have any? Or do you fill it with water? I am interested in it for my salon. Just for towels. But I would like to bypass plumbing costs. Could this be a solution?

oneworldpeace1 says:

It takes a l o n g time to dry clothes.

William I'am says:

*Great video~ I have the same type LG Machine (I wondered why the selection area indicators do NOT illuminate?) I have to use a flashlight to see the LABELS*

Jeremy Baker says:

Is 4 or 5 loads too much for this machine.

OnTARGET Idiomas says:

ok. This is polemic, I was once totally against combo units. FACT, a washer separate and a dryer will be way more convenient as you can wash a load while drying the previous wash. well in Brazil these combo units as a huge hit and everybody dreams of having one. So I got one a couple of years ago as I moved to a smaller condo and let me tell you the pros I found:
-these machines are extremely quiet and you can run a load during the night, so by the morning your load is dry and ready to fold;
-they are super efficient and wash everything from comforters to suits, really no more dry cleaning bills;
-uses very little water, which saves electricity for heating, soap and the actual water bill;
-take up very little space, you can stack other things on top of your washer as it will vibrate to a minimum.
how do I deal with the drying odyssey:
the machine has lots of rubber, so for the first couple of months, your clothes will smell burnt rubber due to the high temp. so I didn’t dry my shirts in the first couple of months. Now I do, though. I set the washing cycle and I add the timed drying cycle to the size of the load, half an hour for about four items, one hour for four items and a couple of pants or one hour and a half for half the drum or a full set of queen size sheet. After it’s done I still wait another thirty minutes till complete cooldown and that has helped my clothes to complete the drying process.
hence the capacity, you can only do a wahs+dry cycle with max the half of the total drum capacity. this machine is smart so I do small loads constantly.
I totally love my LG.

oliver Lison says:

The instructions given are mess. A washer/dryer combo is always a compromise

Romeo Acoba says:

Man what happened to The million dollar man Ted Dibiase

Jason McFarland says:

It’s a condensation dryer. Generally they do a poor job. We sold them all $250 at work no refunds and never ordered another, however they wash the clothes good

Ami M says:

Doesn’t matter what you say I have owned mine for 19 months

Michelle Binder says:

I have a All in one. I love it! Best investment we’ve made!

Spencer Wilton says:

Combined washer dryers are notoriously slow at drying and never as effective as stand alone dryers. Even the top of the range manufacturers take ages to dry, and capacity for drying is also significantly lower than washing capacity, so you may have to split the drying load. I had one in a previous property, and clothes would be in there for two hours, come out steaming hot but still damp. I’m convinced they are bad for clothes. Only consider one of these if saving space is essential, and you only envisage occasional dryer use.

Charmel Estabillo says:

I have lg washer and dryer i bought in 2015 so far nothing problem at all

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