Panda Compact Clothes Dryer Review – Apartment Dryer Demo 110V PAN40SF

Here’s a review and demo of my compact Panda clothes dryer. This is a great option if you’d like a dryer, but don’t have the space to store a full-size model, or a dedicated 220V outlet.


Ebony Taylor says:

How do you put the belt back on? My drum doesn’t turn can you help me please?

pameladeda says:

Just bought this. Cant wait to try it!

clark Grizwalt says:

That a good review on the dryer I like how you took your time on it also what are the watts on that dryer

Laura Seymore says:

Good buy

stjudeprayer7 says:

…. I have the Ikea rack and it’s great, it’s strong. The worst summer mugginess in years. So air drying doesn’t work too well . Waiting for a response to my ‘wanted’ ad in Craigs list..for a mini dryer. would love to find a bargain. Thanks for a terrific , thorough , mesmerizing review. The quiet time with the spinning clothes actually lulled me nearly to sleep. lol. nice.

Ryan Flores says:

Love your review on this excellent dryer. I have a costway washer and spin dryer but it’s still moist after the “dryer” so I have been looking for a good portable dryer. Thank you for this, definitely will get this!

MsAnon4223 says:

Does it add much cost to your electric bill?

Israel Villa says:

Do u need a dedicated circuit to plug in or can you just plug it in to any outlet? Im asking because wouldnt you overload the circuit breaker if you plug it into any outlet?

Chi Chu says:

What that steels rack air drier name

Melany Harmel says:

Where can I buy 1 for $200

Alpha17x says:

If you ever go camping, hang on to some of that lint. It’s amazing for getting a camp fire started. Great video.

nikki c says:

Can it dry a queen sheet set (flat & fitted plus 1 pillow case)?

Life in a Mobile Home says:

Great review and price! I have this same model going on 3 years now. I also have the Panda washer which I did a review on. I don’t bother splitting the dryer filter to clean it for fear of wearing out the tabs. If you have a vacuum and end nozzle, you can vacuum up 98% of the lint without opening it. Also Panda has a website where you can order belts, filters, etc. I also have my dryer vented outdoors for fear of breeding mold and mildew indoors. May take a little longer to dry than a 220v system, but it sure beats hanging clothes up to dry or wasting gas and time going to a laundromat!

elvis polk salad 1974 says:


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