Miele WT2670 Washer Dryer Review & Demonstration

Here’s a look at a Miele Washer Dryer where I go through the programmes and demonstrate the machine washing.


gta5 master 2014 says:

You know what weard this machine has a brushed moat in wash it you can’t hear it in the spin you can mieles are weard about that

Bruce Solomon says:

How could it say “anti crease” and spin 1600 rpm?1600 rpm causes creases.

T.M.P MÜZİK - TimesMusicProduction says:

*Tumble dryers better than washer&dryers.*

Matthew Jones says:

What’s the black thing in the middle of the door

lee harvey says:

Hi Roger, hope your all keeping well, another great video thankyou! Iv had 2 Miele washing machines since 2002 and would have nothing else. Just to help you. Smoothing is for maybe shirts that have been in storage, you put them in and it really does freshen them up and take out creases. Rinse out fluff cleans the condenser on the tumble dryer section. Automatic is a sensing program for mixed loads that senses what has been loaded and adjusts washing, rinsing and spinning to get the best performance. Water plus can do certain things and can be adjusted in user settings. You need the instructions for this. Its main function is to raise the water level in the wash and rinses and can be programmed to give you 4 rinses on the cottons programme. Low temp is just that when using the tumble dryer. Load and detergent % can asses the size of the load and tell you how much detergent to add. PC is for engineer use for diagnosing faults and updating programs. Hope this helps. Love Lee. x

Tyler's Vlogs says:

My grandma has this

Rusty Andres says:

OMG! LOL! “SPIN” sounds like a jet engine! I expected to see it take off into the sky! 🙂

Bruce Solomon says:

I think that she’ll be happy with it.I hope that your mom enjoys many, many years on her new home.

Wasmachineman says:

Every Miele W&D combo after the WT745 is pure trash.

t. has owned four WT745’s and a WT945, and he always went back to the 30 year old WT745 design because it just werks

Glyn Roberts says:

nice machine roger.how dry were the towels when you removed them from the washer? please.

Kevin Byrne says:

How do I look at your amazon list?

Marc Leslie says:

The low temp button is for the dryer.

vlasakvidea says:

One tip: when you will loading the washer, please press the load, detergent button. It has an active load sensor. That can tell u, how much load u have in a machine and will change, when u will loading up. When u overloaded the washer, 100% will start flash to tell u to but some things out. It is a same principal like your AEG load sensor…

SuperWasherKid2002 says:

Please do a AEG video soon because me and a lot of my friends really do want it

Marc Leslie says:

Did the machine need cleaned before you made the video?

lee harvey says:

Ment to say the black plate on the back of the glass door is a sensor for the tumble dryer.

Sarah Bailey says:

I have ALWAYS said that there’s nothing better than an illuminated halo around your control knob!

Lem Tay says:

The Load%/Detergent% (LD) button is used to check the load for the respective cycle and also recommends the amount of detergent required.

Before loading any washing, with the door open, press and hold the LD button. It will beep three times, then display “Zero setting OK” which is like zeroing a weighing scale.

Once the zero re calibration is correct, the LD button can be pressed before starting the machine to confirm the “Load”, ensuring economical use of the cycle but without overloading the machine. Likewise, the “Detergent” display recommends the amount that is needed, though one definitely needs to take into consideration water hardness, staining, wash temperature etc.

FlorenceBallardA3060 says:

This is a brilliant video Roger!! Haha thank you so much for the shoutout and reference to the slamming 🙂 I can also agree the Washer Dryer seems to be a bit more superior in quality than the W/Ms. This is the model I really would have liked or the replacement WT2780WPM. Another great video!

UkSkin says:

Having seen the demonstrations on shoppingtelly I’m quite shocked how noisy the spin seems!

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