LG Washer Dryer Combo Four Year Review!..Our Third on YouTube!

Not many people ever do a second review, much less a third one some three years later. Well here it is! We’ve been using this LG Washer Dryer Combo for four years now and, finally, we had a few problems. In this video we detail the problems and share our thoughts on what we feel about our four years with this unit.


Andrei Peterson says:

Hey, can anyone help with this:
How hot does the unit get during the DRYING cycle? (top and right side mostly of the metal encasement)

1. Medium hot (warm to touch)
2. Hot (ok to touch)
3. More hot (almost unbearable to the touch)

einsteinwoman says:

on the 2 year review you said you had a 5-yr warranty…

Theo Cecil DeCelles says:

I first saw these washer/dryer combos in a hotel suite in Oslo. Spaces are so cramped over there that it was placed in a bathroom. I wondered how the machine worked because there was no ventilation duct. Thank you for your review ladies. We’re actually buying our first washing machine because of your expert yearly reviews. Going to the laundromat is getting sketchier and sketchier, and my boyfriend has mobility issues now, so we better invest in the best.

llj1027 says:

Very helpful video, we will be transitioning to a combo to save space. May I ask how energy efficient this model is? Thank you..:)

cynfan5 says:

Thank you for these reviews. I have mobility issues and it has gotten harder and harder to get to the laundramat. We have no space for a dryer. Anyway, mine is getting delivered today.

Elizabeth M says:

Hi Ladies! I received your card… and pkc! Thank you lovely! Great review…I wish I had one! couple of old maytags in the basement! tty soon! ☺☺

Erika O says:

Love this! Thanks for sharing Ladies!

 I have a similar LG combo, Model WM3431HW. I purchased it used over 6 years ago. I have had the same trouble finding someone to repair my machine despite living in a large urban city. When I did find someone capable, the costs were not possible. They wanted nearly $200 just to come out and look!

I am not mechanically inclined, but out of necessity I have figured out how, and replaced both of the water inlet valves and cleaned the dryer vent assembly. I just ordered another part from repairclinic.com. They have sent me videos on how to replace my ordered LG parts on my machine. They have been helpful, I feel confidant I can repair any future problems with their help. They have a one year return policy, so I dont have to worry that I did not trouble shoot correctly!— They have not compensated me in any way for this post! I just realized I sound like a commercial!

Thanks again, and I hope to see a 5 year review! I look forward to many more happy years with my little LG washer/dryer combo!

kevin cody says:

All her bras must be dirty! Laundry Day!!

Nick Mad says:

good review

mytrueserenity says:

Many thanks for the yearly reviews! I am seriously considering buying this but wondered how well pet hair is removed ? Some combo units do not do very well and that is a deal breaker for me aas I have two pets that shed.

The Jade And John says:

Thanks for the 4 year. Really appreciate it. Have you investigated trying to fix the issue?

David Ferri says:

Great reviews, I’ve watched this one as well as your two year review.

Since space is an issue for you, consider replacing that hot water heater with a tankless unit. They mount right on the wall thus opening floor space, and are only about 24 inches tall by 12 inches wide by 6 inches deep. Even better, because you are not heating/cooling water but rather heating it only on demand, they are far more energy efficient than a standard hot water heater. Finally, and again because they heat on demand, you have unlimited hot water. That’s right, you will NEVER run out of hot water. They are a bit more expensive than standard hot water heaters but they pay for themselves over time in energy savings.

We have a large house with lots of teenagers and we replaced two hot water heaters (set up in series) totaling 125 gallons (even then we would run out of hot water) that took up about 10 square feet in the basement. By mounting the tankless unit on the wall all that square footage opened up AND the teens can shower for as long as they want – that is until I start yelling at the waste of water!

Sindee Charlton says:

if all you do is spin the tub and it works I would look at the start capssator. a 110 motor has to have a cap to get the motor to turn. I am no expert I just know a little about elec.

Michael Asebedo says:

I have an LG washer/dryer unit as well the smaller model ( WM3488HW) and it kicks a$$! People who buy these things do need to keep in mind their laundry habits ( can’t stuff it full and expect it to dry efficiently). Americans tend to “hiss” at these units all because of the drying method. More of these models are available and LG is getting ready to come out with a brand new model!!! Kennmore Elite just came out with one too. In addition, if you guys move somewhere with more room, you can still get an LG dryer to match. Have you guys thought about getting either a traditional pedestal for it??

adrian samuel says:

Thank you so much ladies. I really appreciate your reviews, for I am buying a washer dryer soon!

Rjay 725 says:

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, tranny alert!

Joseph Kain says:

We have LG over here, but I can’t say I’ve ever seen one like that. Though it’s not something I shop for very often.

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