LG Ultra Large Capacity Turbowash Washer and Turbo Steam Dryer Review

Some of the specifics of this set included:

Model #WM4370HKA Black Stainless Steel
4.5 cu ft. ultra large capacity turbo washer
14 Wash programs, 11 options, 5 wash temps, all cold rinse, 5 spin speeds, and 5 soil levels. 1 Year Parts and Labor, 10 Years Motor, Lifetime on Drum. Estimated yearly cost with electric water heater $13 or $9 with gas water heater. Estimated yearly electricity use 105 kWh.

Model# DLEX4370K 7.4 cu ft. Ultra capacity electric dryer
14 Dry programs, 10 options, 5 temp settings, 5 drying levels.1 Year Parts and Labor.

Both Washer and Dryer have SmartDiagnosis


Roni Rex says:

Thanks for the review!

Busy Mama says:

Thx for this video! My Maytag dryer just crapped out after 8yrs so looking for something sturdy and a little quieter and larger so this is very helpful! Thx!

JoeU2Bee says:

Excellent review, thanks for sharing!

davenwin1973 says:

I will have to look up the specs on this washer , but my lower end LG operates a bit different. On my washer, the load sensing feature does not determine water usage, but how much detergent to use. The water level is preset, and will fill, until it maintains the water level. Mine does not have the turbo wash feature, and must tumble continuously to get all the clothes wet. I also had to set it to use more water, because 12 gallons does not het clothes clean. I’ll have to check out the new water level, but I’m sure it’s closer to 20 gallons, and gets my clothes clean.

As for the stuff Lowes left from the washer, were the shipping bolts and special wrench. Do Not throw those away. You need to rescrew those back in, when you move it to another place. They’re used to prevent major damage to the drum, when being moved to another place, other than another room, on the same floor.

Chris Littlefield says:

The bolts in your pedestal are for shipping. When you move make sure you install them on the back of your machine to prevent damage

Donata Szarek says:

I’m thinking of buying this washer this week -:) my only concern is if I am going to able to fit in 4,5 cu ft size washer king size comforter ? Can I ? thank you

The Kneady Homesteader says:

beautiful machines, thats for sure! i love the LG design! I almost bought this set, but I went with the Samsung Active Wash with tub, top loader only because I had a newborn at the time and cloth diapered. This set though, may be in my future for my ext pair down the road. I need work beasts! hahaha LOVE the turbo wash!

Fay Easton says:

We have just purchased these.  Would you mind if I ask how much detergent you use, what type of detergent  you feel works well for this machine? Am I able to use those scented pellets or should I not? For the dryer are you able to use dryer sheets?  Thank you so very much for your time and tutorial it’s so helpful!  My name is Fay and I live in British Columbia , Canada!

TreborG2 says:

If you have a chance, could you upload a video of one of your normal loads (the one you demo above is fairly light) and more specifically, what this unit like in the spin cycle?

Most common complaints or worries when people look for Front Loaders, are leaks, stinks, and vibrations. That you’ve posted this 8 months later is awesome, and you don’t make mention of leaks, which suggests at least to this point there were none.

Stinks – You covered the the additional details about the clean-out and drain on the washer which is the first I’ve seen of it, which is great!

So that leaves Vibrations.

Thank you for this video, LG doesn’t have them for all models, and in most cases its just their spit shine and polish to make the thing look good, so seeing real people’s examples are awesome! Thx!

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