LG Mega Capacity 5.2 CU FT Front Load Washer and 9.0 CU FT Dryer Review

A review of LG’s Mega Capacity 5.2 CU. FT. Front Load Washer (WM8000HWA) and matching Mega Capacity 9.0 CU. FT. Electric Dryer (DLEX8000W) after having owned them for over six months.

Like everyone else I was skeptical of the price of these units at first. But after having used them for several months I can confidently say they are worth every penny.

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2dCtNgd



Wavester64 says:

Excellent video 🙂


Half the tune at the end would be better since annoying tunes can be cringing. All companies should have a feature to change the tune or turn it off. Most people can figure when their clothes are dry.

Jason Estrella says:

Hello I got this washer but I live in an apartment I’m thinking about hook it up under the sink but my question is I want know how long is the draining hose so I know if I can put it in the sink where I do my dishes while I do laundry please let me know thank you

danwat1234 says:

Would have liked to see how much water ends up in the drum when you did the queen size bed set load. I have to add a few buckets of water to my GE GFWR4800FWW in order to fully saturate the blanket & and have a few inches of excess water to really clean it. Oh well, energy efficiency.

Nifty the communication to the smart device is audio, like in the old days a TV show could broadcast information to a computer modem via speaker -> microphone.
Or, you know, they could have used bluetooth but audio is cooler.

BroccoliBeefed says:

What makes you think that these clean better than-traditional center post top loaders? Those were the types of washers we preferred for over 50 years! The only reason some people think like you do about them is because they had a propensity to overloaded them

Kimberly B says:

+VICTOR SCOTT Well I love top loader washers

joe timmons says:

if you want the best washer get a speed queen.

Carlene Boulden says:

Good video.

Elaine Enialle says:

Very nice video! Tks for the informations!

Chris Aldridge says:

I’m trying to research noise on front loaders drain pumps. They all seem to use they same type of pump that buzzes like an old dryer end signal, or one of those buzzing alarm clocks. You can hear it throughout our house. Hopefully we can find a solution.

Anyway, ran across your video and found it thoughtful and really well made. The current 107 dislikes surely can’t be for the video, perhaps the brand…keep up the good work!

JodiLea says:


yepper says:

do you notice the washers rinse nozzle keeps dripping water after you open door?

Thomas Stolz says:

Thank you for this well-made video. It tells me quite a bit about these models. I’m quite happy so far with what you explained.

ega0117 says:

How’s your LG washer doing?

Eric Jimenez says:

How much do they cosy

Henry Taylor says:


Ann Veal says:

I have had my LG for 11 years, they start to stink and get mouldy even if you leave the door open and use the washer clean cycle after about 6 years. For the last 5 years, I have only run it on Perm Press, with an extra rinse. Perm press uses a bit more water, enough that you can see the water just at the lowest point of the door gasket, and the extra rinse just flushes out the machine. Ever since then, no smell, and the mould has gone away!

And LG gets paid to promote Tide washer cleaner! NOT NEEDED! I alternate Vinegar and Bleach!

יותר לוי says:


Alexia Villalobos says:

Is there anyway I can have the light on as it washes my clothes I wouldn’t have it on all the time I just want to be able to see in side from time to time just for piece of mind that everything is functioning normal?

Marlon Lara says:

Thanks for the video. I just order them. You made me feel better about my purchase. I had a 15 year old top loader finally die.

Anonymus R. says:

how many rinse can you set and do you have the option “more water”

best wishes

Aaron Medina says:

need to say I own Samsung 2016 front load washer 6300 and I don’t really like them I will buy the LG washer this year best video ever thank you

Hotpurplekitty says:

this is the best review…thank you

Rick Theaker says:

Hi Just brought the WM427OHVA washer (5.2cu ft) and companion dryer– similar controls- thks for the vid – great intro tutorial

Trell Mix says:

Hi there! Loved the video.  Is the dryer vent less?  I’m looking for a dryer you don’t have to run the hose to the outside.

King Dragon says:

I have this washer and I love it. It is a very stylish washer and it is very quiet.

Randomvideos 242 says:

when you press the start button it goes I’m happy or almighty XD so cute in my opinion

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