LG Front Load Washer & Dryer Review


Sharon Zoeller says:

Nice, but, the booklet on ours says not to store laundry soap supplies on the top of the machine. You probably have built a shelf?

bigboymarket says:

on the dryer,i have the same one but temp control on my is Medium.
i want to change to high,but everytime i press is show a sound beep.
it wont change.please help,thx

T Bissonnette says:

Are you still happy with your washer and dryer. What model #’s are they?


shitty review

Rob Whiff says:

how is this set doing so far?…

batman4oz says:

They sure are pretty! Thanks for sharing your experience…guess I will bite the bullet!  One of those less enjoyable, but necessary, expenses!

batman4oz says:

Well, Costco had a good deal…the set with pedestals, in graphite steel, delivered and installed for $2000. (The 3570 model, I think…on my tablet so that info is not handy). Not easy to justify the expense, for one person, but…time to bring my laundry chore into the 21st Century!

michael lee says:

does steam really cleans better ? thanks

Stepahnie Gammon says:

I sold mine and bought top load. I will NEVER buy a front load again!

Kelly J says:

Can you please let me know the model number?

Jasmine Maguire says:

WARNING: DO NOT BUY THIS WASHER!!! stinky clothes & no spin cycle

When we moved, we had to leave my whirlpool duet washer behind and we
went with this one for the price. I don’t know how so many people are
giving this a good rating. So I have had this thing for over 6 months
now and every day I do laundry and curse the moment I decided to buy
this thing. The only way you should buy this washer is if you want to
have to rewash your loads regularly because they stink like mildewy
rotten eggs. After dealing with this issue for some time, I did some
research and found that you have to empty A hose that collects water.
The instructions say you only need to do it once a month, but even if I
empty it every couple days the drained water smells like rotten eggs.
And even
after I empty the sitting water, the clothes only smell mildly better.
When I used the whirlpool washer, as long as I dried the clothes within
18-24 hours after washing them, they would not stink. With this washer
if I don’t get them out of the washer within 1-2 hours they smell awful
and many times even when I remove them right after the buzzer they will
still stink. Like, why am I even bother to wash these things?!

Additionally, there is no option to run a spin only cycle. For those who
have used front loaders, you know that pretty regularly your load will
not fully drain all the water out at the end of the cycle due to balance
issues. With my old machine I would just take a few things out and run a
spin only cycle. But with this inferior machine I have to rinse it and
then spin it. So I am wasting extra water and extra time and when you
have a large family and are doing 1-2 loads a day the last thing you
need is your washing machine adding to your burden with its poor design.
I don’t want to have to be Mcgyver to get my washing machine to
properly wash a load of laundry. I miss my old machine.  Do yourself a
favor and don’t buy this washer

Bill Youngpeter says:

My washer is shiny as well.  Do yourself a favor, pull out the detergent dispenser (no tools, plastic tabs) I found rust on my four year old machine.  Also the hinge had some unexplained rust for a year or so, now I know where it’s coming from.  Do a follow up video, pull the detergent dispenser drawer.

Eddie Desmornes says:

What size is the washer and dryer

pesh115 says:

Which specific models?

CrankImmortals says:

WTF @ 2:53?!?!?!?

Luke, I'm your father! says:

Are your clothes clean no water

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