If You Need a Ventless Dryer, Get the Blomberg DHP24412W

If you only have room for a 24-inch compact dryer and don’t have a dryer vent, the Blomberg DHP24412W might be just what you’re looking for.


aperkins07 says:

If it works in a condo without breaching by laws then I’d be willing to pay 1-2k easily. Beats paying for laundromat over decades

mark layton says:

condenser dyers and heat pumps  are a clever invention BUT they take LONGER to dry clothes and use MORE energy ….. ok they use LESS power per hour – but you have to run them for twice as long – so you DONT save anything …….put another way its like Weightwatchers meal has half the fat – but if you eat 2 of them its pointless .

Gmail Account says:

ok i will buy this instead of a car! 1300$ seriously, keep it yo!

Andrew Lee says:


Donald RockJr says:

Just priced this……nah!!!!

Lescouflair says:

Awesome video. How much does it weigh?

paz says:

Perfect! Thanks for the review. Now I have found something I can put into the condo I am buying.

Piet Smegma says:


Stan Lee says:

so what do we do about only having 110?

victoria brown says:

I like know the price please

ushook says:

$1,600 Claims ….. C,mon Now

IAmGunzNoob says:

whats the life expectancy? hows easy is it to self maintenance?

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