Harvest Right – In-Home Freeze Dryer Overview

Harvest Right’s home freeze dryer is small, (not much bigger than a microwave) and brings the ability to freeze dry large amounts of food into your home.

Learn more about the Benefits of Freeze Drying: http://harvestright.com/benefits-freeze-drying/

Appliance Size:
30″ x 20″ x 25″ (about the size of a dishwasher)

Just over 100 pounds

1 Year Limited Warranty

Standard 110 Volt outlet
The machine is designed to be energy-efficient and only draws an average of 11 amps of power per hour.

The appliance uses a refrigerator condenser like what is used in home refrigerators. These condenser work by filling copper coils with a coolant. It is efficient enough to bring food to -45 degrees Fahrenheit or colder. The system is closed, meaning that the coolant only needs replacing in rare cases of damage.

Vacuum Pump:
The machine also uses a vacuum pump to decrease the pressure in its chamber. This vacuum pump meets refrigeration industry standards and is a proven design that provides years and years of reliable service.

The machine requires only one item of regular maintenance, in the vacuum pump. We chose a “wet” pump design for our machine (meaning that it uses oil) because they are much more reliable and long-lasting than dry pumps. The pump uses mineral oil, and the oil must be changed about every 10 cycles (uses). Changing the oil is extremely easy to do and can be accomplished in just minutes.

Dries approximately 2 gallons of food per batch, equivalent to two #10 cans or about 6-10 pounds (before drying). It can easily dry 300 to 400 gallons of food in a year.

Cycle Time:
One drying cycle last 24 hours. The process is completely automatic and only requires the push of one button.


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