Harvest Right Freeze Drying Machine Review

This really is the future of food management. The harvest right freeze drying machine allows you to preserve almost any food for decades! This futuristic home freeze drying machine allows you to make astronaut food at home! The most nutrient dense, long lasting, and good tasting food for survivalists and preppers.

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robert denson says:

Nate, I love it! your pantry sure looks like a meth lab though.

Kraller says:

I have one too, I am so pleased with it, even rehydrated steaks with no refrigeration for months and months, and great in stew, the veg and fruits, what a great snack when you want crunchy.
great way to save food.

Lars Arama says:

Plz try marshmallow’s

Head Kinas says:

Youtube unsubscribed me to this channel….

Dylan Warren says:

I’m guessing you wont be doing freeze dried fridays? Disapointed 🙁

Legatus Marco says:

A must have for your personal bunker

Tom Clarkson says:

Had one for years now. Love our freeze dryer. Have made hundreds of #10 cans of food.

Wasno says:

Thanks for the very informative video! And congratulations to that magic machine! I’d love to have one, but.. Gives some understanding to why freezed dryed food is so expensive.

Harvest Right Freeze Dryer Solutions says:

Hi I’m Jay owner of Freeze dryer accessories and solutions. I have a submitted conditional patent on a filtration system. My customers are very satisfied with its performance. It does it all. It’s quiet, oil is crystal clear, on board filter .3 micron coalescing filter literally no maintenance. The sedimentary filter needs to be drained periodically. No more oil problems etc. take a. Look…Jay

HotBananaPrepper says:

This is an incredibly informative video. Thanks man.

Vlad The Impaler Țepeș III says:

Also, I bet that unit uses about as much energy as a window air conditioner, significantly increasing the cost of your food. SO, when you take ALL costs into consideration, including your time, I bet that it costs just as much (if not more) to freeze dry your own food as it does to just buy it.

12 legged Sasquatch.. says:

what I’ve been looking for since years.

Jenny B says:

I love this machine.

Thomas Evans says:

25 to 30 years? I would hope that people would be able to grow their own food long before that!

Jim Wright says:

Cool machine! I was really surprised to see that you even had ice cream sandwiches being freeze dried. How the heck do you bring something like that back to it’s regular form for eating? In fact, when all of the food is freeze dried, can you just put it on a shelf? No refrigerator required? Very interesting. Congratulations on your new toy!

The Wired Fox says:

A few items that you don’t discuss:
Amp draw of the machine.
The additional water you need to store to rehydrate your food in SHTF.

Wolf SurvivalX says:

I got one and it is amazing

Sven Anderson says:

I’ve looked into this machine and would love to get it. I went a different direction because of cost, but still invested a fair amount of money into dehydrating equipment to make my own pemmican.
Pemmican doesn’t need rehydration. Will keep for a long time. You don’t need a stove to boil water to rehydrate.
If you look up the history of pemmican, it is very nutritious for you by itself.

Samanda says:

I’ve had mine for 3yrs. We love it.

I have a FB group, “Harvest it Right, Freeze dry at home”, where I show some of the foods I’ve done. By far, the BEST FB group is called “Harvest Right Freeze Drying Adventures”. Those admins can answer ANY questions you have, and HR sponsors give away there as well!

Also, HR customer service is awesome. It’s really a great company. By the way, the prices have dropped about $1500 since I go mine!

Jon A Baptist says:

I’ve considered one but an element I haven’t seen anyone address is how difficult or effective is the re hydration process? This is definitely something I’d like to see in a future video.

Vlad The Impaler Țepeș III says:

Freeze dried food is only good for prepping if you have an ample supply of water and water storage. If you don’t, it is a waste of water to have to hydrate every meal. Remember, you will need that water for hygiene and other important applications, too. If you’re using that water for your food then you’ll run out of water MUCH quicker.

Already_there says:

Have you looked into the Go Antenna?

ilemjohn says:

very cool

Bruce Wayne says:

Great Review CP! I have had mine for about 4 years, and love it. I did the math on the Mid-size unit power usage (see below).

POWER COST AVERAGE: For a Harvest Right Freeze Dryer.
Based on $0.10/kWh (variable rates) check your power company.
Freeze Stage 662w x 9hrs=$0.59;
Pump & Drying Stage 1410w x 24hrs=$3.38;
Defrost Stage 240w x 3hrs=$0.06.

Therefore your cost would be $4.03 per batch.

If your Pump/Drying stage is on for 36hrs; add $1.69 which would cost $5.72 per batch. If your Pump/Drying stage is on for 48hrs; add $3.38 which would cost $7.41 per batch.

Thomas Evans says:

I’ve got a feeling this would not be possible with solar/battery energy source.

OldPackMule says:

Need a little competition in the field to bring the price down and convenience up.

Nova Scotia Living says:

wow this is such a fantastic video, informative, with great examples and demonstrations to show. Thanks for sharing! i totally would love one of these! Thanks for sharing

obediyah says:

And shouldn’t this technology totally eradicate starvation or lack of food supply around the world

Clint Carpentier says:

How hot does the pump get?

A possible solution to the noise problem can be had with basic hand tools and a few curses… and cutie prepper may even get to practice her first aid…

Some 1×2’s for skeletal frame around the pump. Design this so the end product can be pulled off the pump, with zero tools to do so. Plastic, spray foam (to absorb vibrations), plastic. Whether you build the frame 1″ thick or 2″ thick is up to you.

A piece of sound bar. This will go across the of the inside framing. What it does, is reduces the amount of sound hitting the inner wall, from transferring to the frame, then to the outer wall, and thus, to you. As an option, you can get enough to do both sides of the frame. Remember, you don’t fasten the wall through the bar into the frame; you fasten the bar to the frame, you fasten the wall, to the bar.

Enough thin plywood to cover both inside and outside of the frame. The outside is the point you can get as pretty as you want, as long as it doesn’t interfere with removing it from the pump.

Come to think of it… your tile guy may have Schluter construction options for you…

Meh, build the box.

Robert Russo says:

It makes more sense if you have zero or little food preps and want a lot……. Less sense if you have been prepping for years

Jean Warech says:

I can’t seem to get the page. I click on the link, and it says “oops! Could not get page!” Several times. Hmmmm!

Craig Stocker says:

I would love to have one.

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