Frugal Off Grid or Apartment Laundry Spin Dryer Review

Our tiny house was off grid so we had to be really careful with our water usage. The mini laundry washer that we use is the EcoWash and we LOVED it! The one downside was that it works best with hot water and in order to conserve water to use again you had to wring the water out by hand. It hurt pretty bad. This new tool does NOT work as a stand-alone washer but if you are not short on water and want to hand up your clothes on a line without dripping this little salad spinner is the way to go! If your frugal living wants to pump up a notch and you don’t have money for the old fashioned hand washing tools this new version is pretty good at what it does. It gets water out really well but use the pressure washer version for cleaning clothes first!

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About Dirtpatcheaven:
We are a little Idaho family of four living our dream of self reliance whether traveling the country filming other freedom dreamers or living the dream ourself in a little offgrid cabin we finished ourselves. To introduce ourselves we are Julianne (me), Jon (hubby), Paige (my big girl) and Kaia (the baby). We have had a whirlwind adventure the last few years whether we are homesteading, traveling the country in an rv, or living offgrid in a tiny house.


James R Dugger says:

you might want to co Amazon for the Solar powered washing machine it runs around 94dollars

Mr. Rain says:

Thanks for the detailed demonstration Julie, looks like it spins well, say hi to Jon!

Bitty Boo Brown says:

Well at least it would make a great rinse cycle. I am going to have to get one for the cabin. Thanks for sharing

The life of Nina says:

You are so pretty and your hair is gorgeous.
Thanks for showing this and the Eco wash again, I’m looking at RVs and this would be a great system.

Lourie Family Homestead says:

We need to work on our laundry. We create way to much laundry. Something that small would be a long project. Great to have for an emergency, but for now, we still have to use the giant washing machine. thanks for sharing.

Imogene Thomas says:

Looks like a giant salad spinner!

avonleanne says:

hummm maybe used just for soaking and spinning?

Raisa Voronova says:

Thank you for sharing. I used to have a washing machine too, but it worked from an electrical network. When she broke my son bought a machine gun.

Trace Miller says:

I get food stains out with a paste of dawn dish soap and baking soda scrubbed with a tooth brush and then poor a little peroxide on it before washing. It usually gets grease out the first wash, some times it takes twice. It works better than any stain remover on the market. Thank you for the review. I’ve wondered about that EcoSpin.

avonleanne says:

this little washer is great for anything delicate I think! how neat….i would say its great for dancewear, (tights, leotards, etc) I have the eco washer that you have with the crank but this one looks like a more friendly version for an apartment…almost looks like a salad spinner!

James R Dugger says:

the solar powe rd machine is on U tube by so,e guy who used a camper thought it was cool has desperate side by side washer and spinner

Barbara Nelson says:

I was thinking giant salad spinner I sure could use that when I’m washing and canning greens

FrugalPrepper's Garage & Garden says:

I hate it when my camera dies

Cat Cat says:

I like your product reviews. It’s cool to find off grid eco things

aj maganda says:

HOw do you look younger every year

Cliff P. says:

Annnnnd here’s the manual spinner I spoke of (in general) in the comments for the Avalon washer posted (to my chagrin) in 2017 ahahhahaa, seems I should maybe read the posted date. Nice little machine by the way, I rather wish I’d found such a thing 30 years ago (while imagining the money I would have saved on electric and laundromats).

lue lunsford says:

I think it would be better to put it in I bucket with a Ringer and use a holy Plunger.

Eileen C says:

How cool is that it looks like a huge salad spinner!

amanda currin says:

Your hair is beautiful!! I use a bucket and plunger to wash and the eco spin to spin dry!! says:

Awesome video. Great spinner, terrible washer. Greetings from Andreas on Off Grid Sweden

duartemu says:

I just hope one day they decide to build this same product in a bigger size, for me be to consider this a real complete solution. I wanna be able to wash things like a queen size bed set, beach towels, or jeans in it. It seems kinda too big , already, to be tucked away in my cabinets. I might as well have this even bigger so I could get more functionality out of it, if I can’t hide it when not in use.

Felicia Siddoway says:

Miss you!! I love the new hair doo!!

rob roberts says:

epoxy a tab to the lid so you can open it easier.

ValiantDancer says:

Hi Do you think you could fit a pair or jeans and hoodie sweatshirt for an adult in it at the same time. Looking to use it more as a spin dryer while camping than anything else. Although I could see using it for delicates as well. Thanks for the help.

Renaissance MarineTV says:

love the hair!

Boštjan Josic says:

How can i rid of this your melaniie churc from zalec slovenija thnx…

jwaam says:

I didn’t notice you putting soap in. Was that when the camera died?

Maggie McMaster says:

You look so beautiful just with simple updates to your look. Why is it you dress the girls with clothes that don’t reflect a current yet classic style for young girls? I just feel that they are made to look old-fashioned with the handmade clothes and kerchiefs. Is it a religious practice? Or just being thrifty?

woodchipful says:

Neat idea! Thanks!

Kat Surou says:

OK, I genuinely arrived here looking for ways to dry my clothes off grid in uk….then, I fell in love ^.^ a Goddess with a spinner. Your hubby is a lucky, lucky guy *high fives hubby* XD

Gramma Rose's Homestead says:

Hi, Juli, I just watched Wanda’s review of her Eco-Spin washer and spinner and had a thought that was more appropriate for you, so I came over here to share it. Like you said, the Eco-Spin is just like a large salad spinner, and I’ve heard of knitters using a salad spinner to spin dry small knitwear like socks, mittens, hats, or spinning about 4 ounces of wool, etc. This machine would be perfect for the big things like sweaters, larger spinning projects, or even processing a fleece! My usual method is to roll the item in a towel and stand on it, and then I’m left with a sopping wet towel to dry. This is so much better.

CoolCat Carolena says:

This seems practical to use in the van!

Lil' Peridot says:

You are very pretty! (don’t worry, I’m not creeping) Thanks for the video!

Ben Goldberg says:

Money waste honey

Mrs. T is Going Debt Free says:

Very interesting. May be fun to try once. I am very grateful for my large washer & dryer now, I would be cranking that thing all day. Thanks for sharing!

M. says:

She said something about spinning laundry…

Barbara Nelson says:

I could not live with that for washing either I’m picky about my clothes

Augie L says:

You’re looking great!

barliegirl says:

Inside OUT?????  I’m 61 and ALWAYS wash my close right side OUT…..SOCKS included!

Lorette D'souza says:

Since it’s made of plastic is it fragile, are there chances of the handle or lid clips breaking off because I don’t see Avalon Bay selling it’s spare parts.

Chanel Woffard says:

I didn’t recognize you! What did you do? You look much younger, stunning and beautiful! I brought the Laundry Pod. It is very similar.

Earl Jensen says:

salad spinner for laundry. small farms often use stainless steel top loading wash machines for washing leafy vegatables

Suzanne Ribas says:

This video is very confusing. It does not have a target purpose and incorporates a lot of information along the way. Are you hoping to wash, rinse or spin-dry clothes? Why are you mentioning so many different machines that run so differently and have such different energy sources? Perhaps if you wrote a script it would help to stay focused. 1)Purpose of video and goals expected. 2) Process of testing and elimination. 3) Conclusion. Much luck. I am in Puerto Rico and have no water and sometimes no electricity. I watch you often and have found your videos very useful. I am a certified Visual Arts teacher and a bilingual teacher.

Mallori Kerr says:

I have one coming. My counter top washing machine doesn’t have a wringer basket with it. I have tested a salad spinner to wash a few under garments and found the oscillating motion doesn’t work as well as spinning one direction for a minute, soak for 5, spin one direction a minute, spin the other direction for 1 minute, drain, repeak with clean water but spin 1 minute one direction the spin the other direction for a minute. Drain and spin to remove water. Sometimes the directions are always the best to go by.

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