First Impressions Of The Magic Chef Portable Dryer

Yay. I can now do Geekhouse Laundry with a Magic Chef 2.6 Cubic Foot Portable Dryer. 😀

A tad out of order as far as Quick O Flicks goes, but I wanted the most recent upload to be content instead of an announcement. 🙂

Link To Telletell’s video on this dryer, which influenced my decision to get one for myself. 🙂

…and yes I find it funny that something called “Magic Chef” is used for laundry lol. 😀


lilacserenity says:

Hi Jay! Thanks for the review! I read mixed opinions about the vent on this thing (some say it’s an indoor vent, some say it must be vented outside), but was actually under the impression that the biggest problem with indoor venting was emitted heat and humidity, which is no problem for me.  Thanks to your review, I now am undoubtedly going to vent it outside! Can you please elaborate on the “all-metal duct” you mentioned though?  Seems like everywhere I look all they have is the aluminum foil ducts (that is “fire resistant” and “will not support combustion”). So what should I look for, where can I get it and what exactly is the name of the one you have?  Thanks a lot in advance!P.S. Also, when you were shopping for your portable dryer, did you happen upon the Haier model (HLP141E)? Seems like the Haier model and Magic Chef (this one) are pretty much the only options of portable dryers out there – what made you choose Magic Chef?

Pandapoof 1 says:

I was wondering what you did to keep the metal on the vent. We bought the same one for our apartment that has an actual dryer vent and it would be nice to use it and not one of those portable ones.

Amanda Richard says:

how do you clean the filter on the inside… the fabric part. ive been brushing mine but, it is already falling apart and ive only had it for a few weeks

ladysusan hernandez says:

Nice detailed commentary. Thanks for sharing. I’m in the market for one and seeing the best options out there… thanks to ppl like yourself & youtube…

Ronnie Pierce says:

I think magic chef is made by the same people that make either Maytag or kenmore

Sarah Beavers says:

This might sound stupid but I don’t have w/d hook ups I don’t need them right I just need a washer and dryer for my apartment!

Trev DoubleU says:

WARNING …..3 minute 30 seconds of reviewing walmart double boxing

Julian says:


Kylie McKnight says:

Must just be magic chef not Walmart that does the extra boxing, cause I bought my rca portable washer from & it wasn’t double boxed? I originally intended to get the magic chef, but wasn’t given the option to add a 2yr extra/extended care plan, so went w/ the rca for that reason alone.

LaTasha Ursin says:

Too cute.

rmevs08ec says:

Love your review and especially your voice you should consider radio you have the voice for it.

Carlene Boulden says:

Boob light lol

Tidalpool says:

It was at this moment Tidalpool knew our dryers are better.

Josh Protz says:

thanks for the video. my question is…. what are the dimensions of this dryer? mainly how tall & wide. depth isn’t the issue. I will be putting it into an RV that I’ve converted into a tiny house. please & thanks!

Roger says:

You laugh so much lol!

Nai Roi says:

Longgggggg intro


hello there im trish from phillippines i just wanna know how much dryness does it give

Pichardo Gabriel says:

ve to do laundry too I guess hahahaha

niklay33 says:

Thanks so helpful

Gordons on the Go says:

Great review! I was wondering why our breakers had to be constantly reset. we use this dryer in our 5th wheel. Got ours from a store that sells from bulk for $100. Also found Magic Chef 1.6 washer for $168 out the door because it had a minor dent on bottom. Gotta love it! My Midea 2.1 washer I ordered from Walmart was not double boxed and very damaged. Worked out fine though as I was able to return and found great deals elsewhere,

Connor Brooks says:

You have a nice setup going there Jay!

Alfonzo Passmore says:

Love how he laughs at his own jokes lol

L3gion3r says:

yoir voice reminds me of Rich from ReviewTechUsa

Venice Hendricks says:

Lmao. I love your voice!

Holly Roden says:

BOOB LIGHT x’D so funny

Robin Luther says:

Double packaging with a secondary unmarked unlabeled outer box is a bonus for ordering from Walmart if you don’t want your landlord up in your business.

she45namify says:

you should do radio

Rebecca Vallery says:

Jjust ordered this one for my apartment…thank you for your input for this dryer. Love how you giggle about cooking the…

Clorox Bleach says:

Use me

Bang bishop says:

Where can you find a vent hose for this dryer?

Tanya Briggs says:

Thank you so much for explaining the issue about “amps” and not plugging into circuits with other appliances. I WAS considering but it will never work at my crappy ol 60 yr old place. I can use 1 oil heater…and 1 lamp but nothing else on most of the circuits in my house. So I can stay warm IN THE DARK without issues with the breaker. LOL!

MultimediaJay says:

This is nuts lol. 😀 I usually fancy myself a multimedia tech nerd, but this and Geekhouse Laundry with the portable washer somehow became my most well-received videos of 2016. I think I need to get back on the 8-ball here and do some followups to answer folks’ questions. 🙂

All Hell Breaks Loose says:

I love your evil voice!!!!!

scorpio14 gal says:

I am getting the washer and dryer, thanks for the review Jay

dragonlord0666 says:

wonder why they did not put the controls at the top of the machine. would make more sense, unless that is meant to stand on top of something.

Derya Ozkan says:

Is it compatible with regular (4”) vent hose?

theman7431 says:


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