Dryers buying guide

Gas? Electric? What features do you need in a new dryer? CNET’s smart appliances team walks you through it.


alastair says:

I thought this was fake… Really? Hahaha dryers?

olithevert says:

ya with i cloud u can always backup yur clothes to a online storage lol


Too many ads.

BiTechxual says:

i’ll wait for the aluminium uni-body dryer from apple.
Besides it doesn’t even have a microSD slot..

R R says:

i want to know about ifa

4493330418ea4619 says:


Crowforge says:

I just want a fairly bright washer-dryer.

Cole Denison says:


jonokiller says:

stupid appliance reviews know your shit notjust the manufacturers bs blurbs

MisterDANNt says:

Samsung Galaxy S4 Dryer.

evanjcr says:

Dryers Buying Guide? This is CNET, right?

DCheif says:

Meanwhile at IFA…

Bryan says:

14 lol

A.J. K. says:

Dude, they made you Katie!

Xeyad says:

I’ll skip this model, and wait for the Samsung Galaxy Dryer.

TekReviews says:

Looks like the guy who does there text on screen worked for our local tv station, they never get headlines right or even spelling correct.

Miguel Barroso says:

simply not informative.

bmar577 says:

I had to go to this to see if it was serious or not. Dryer guide? This is CNET, right? LOL

210castro says:

Fuck Samsung.

Hamish says:

i didnt even know they had gas dryers

PC Lotion says:

solar powered house show buy electic dryer

spyrmac says:

There’s an app for that ?

Steve Torres says:

Consumer Report is better than this crap.

James Maxwell says:

240 volts is stranded for Australia

Lfshammu says:

Well when you stop living in your moms basement, and wash your own clothes, you do have to decide what washer and dryer to buy.

Slacking02 says:

Samsung must of paid for this

Roop Dhillon says:

I seriously dont watch ur videos anymore because of the ads

JaySee5 says:

Apple products don’t have MicroSD slots.

Edmundo studios says:

How long before they disable ratings?

Mikei97 says:

Because the Washers one wasn’t enough…

Gammareign says:

If you can, put up a clothesline.

Manny Byas says:

I’d sooner buy a washing machine then a dryer.

Cust0mBuilder says:

tweeting while doing the laundry

Chevy Chase says:

So if the light is green, we should go? Fuck man your audience isn’t 3 years old

Lachlant1984 says:

I just don’t really understand the point of being able to control your tumble dryer from your mobile phone, is there really any point to it? Really? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

The PowerPC Hub says:

…Katie’s cute.

spyrmac says:

Gas dryers? How ?

Multi1Vids says:


Bryan Neill says:

Rockin the IBM shirt

razmanrevo says:

Yes, he is!!

trinisuprazee says:

of all the things to watch on the internet…

Tanya Candy says:

whats this?? some Samsung ad??? huh!!!!!

Angel89 says:

a ok

Steven Kim says:

More like married couples are interested about this product. Single people just give to their moms or dry cleaners or laundry services!

Josh Derak says:

What ads?…. use Adblock+

me 2k says:

Samsung dryers have lots of problems.

LeoIsLurking says:

What’s going on with u CNET?. Since when y roll dryers in this channel?. I have seen weird videos like iRobot also. Dont ruin this channel guys. We love u most when taking about gadgets. Cheers.

JaySee5 says:

Does the US have the LG and Samsung all-in-one units sold here in Korea? No need to unload and load, they wash AND dry.

Aziz says:

Why would anyone need this?

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