Don’t Buy a Harvest Right Freeze Dryer Before Watching this Review

John from shares with you his experience with the harvest right freeze dryer and warns you to NOT buy a harvest right freeze dryer until you watch this episode.

In this episode, John attempts to harvest ripe peppers in his garden in December so he can freeze dry them before the first frost of the year comes, but is unable because his freeze dryer has not been working for the last two weeks.

First, you will learn more about freeze-drying technology, and all the foods John has been dehydrating with his Harvest Right Freeze Dryer. Next, you will learn how the freeze-drying process works.

Next, you will discover how John learned his freeze dryer was not working, and he will share his customer service experience that he had with the Harvest Right Company.

You will discover some of the pros and cons of the harvest right freeze dryer and suggestions to the Harvest Right company has so they can improve.

Jump to the following parts of the Episode:
03:03 Harvest Right Freeze Dryer Review Starts
03:22 #1 Way to Preserve Your Food
04:48 Some of the Foods I have freeze dried
06:30 Freeze Drying Technology for the Home
07:30 First Issue with the Freeze Dryer: Defective Oil Filter
08:40 A Pro and Con of Freeze Drying
08:50 Don’t Eat Fried Potato Chips or other Fried Foods
09:50 I love the freeze dryer when it works
10:01 Cons of the Machine: Price and Warranty
10:50 Short 1 Year Warranty
12:20 When I Started having Problems with my freeze dryer
13:25 This is my experience and may not be your experience with harvest right
15:15 What happened to my freeze dryer
16:19 Starting Freeze Dryer and it doesnt work
16:35 How a Freeze Dryer Works
17:53 Frozen Produce is better than Fresh BUT… Thawing is a problem
19:03 Timeline of my experience
21:32 Troubleshoot your own Freeze Dryer if it Breaks
22:33 Inside the Harvest Right Freeze Dryer
22:52 Different Areas of the Machine
23:45 My Customer Experience with Harvest Right
28:12 What if your freeze dryer breaks and you don’t work on equipment?
29:45 I got the replacement parts: But it didnt work.
31:01 My experience with Blendtec and their Customer Service
32:20 Great Customer Service: Costco
42:00 What Concerns me about my freeze dryer
43:06 How can Harvest Right improve? Improved CRM System
43:50 What I lost by not having a freeze dryer operating for 2 weeks
45:00 What do you think about
47:45 I recommend NOT to buying a Harvest Right Freeze Dryer at this time
48:40 Increase Warranty Term and/or Have Extended Warranties available
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After watching this episode, you will learn if you should spend your hard earned cash on an expensive freeze dryer that you may not be able to get service for.

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Brian Horn says:

Hi all gardener friends!! Ive always enjoyed Johns videos but I may have to cancel my subscription due to his horrible bashing of a good company.
We watched dozens of videos on the Harvest Right Freezer before we purchased ours and we knew that Home Freeze Drying!! was a new concept, kinda like flying to the moon, and that there was going to be hiccups on the way. Freeze drying for decades has been a commercial operation and the cost of the freeze dryers was in the hundreds of thousands. Now a small company has brought this space age marvel to our homes and I am so grateful, and we’re happy to put up with the hiccups of sorting out knew technology. We live in Canada so our machine was nearly $5000 that John says he spent $2500 on, and since then we’ve purchased their new oilless pump which cost us $2500 to get to our home up here in Canada ( you know, igloo’s and stuff) and the new pump is amazing!!
Anyway, I think is very unfair and damaging to Harvest Right for John to publicly slander them this way because it may prevent a lot of families from experiencing the joy and value of home freeze drying!

Tammie James says:

Was thinkong about purchasing one of these, NOT! I’LL WAIT FOR ANOTHER COMPANY TO START MAKING THEM! First of All the 1 year warranty says it All. Bet Your Booty it’s going to break right after the warranty is up. Cost too much money to be treated the way you have been treated.Thanks Johm

joeeasygo says:

I was going to buy one now I won’t untrustworthy

MrSnivvel says:

This was a case of a perfect storm of having a bad experience: the problems happened during the holiday week, people are out on vacation during that time, things got lost on the support side, and not being persistent enough on making sure callbacks were being made. Basically, both sides have blame on why the problem was dragged out longer than what it should.

Things do fall through the cracks sometimes and it’s up to all parties to be wary of them and call those out immediately, so that’s an error on you for not hammering them when they didn’t give you a callback by mid-afternoon on the day they said they would (that’s how I handle all support items with people or companies). I really can’t understand why you would let a week go by and not have contacted them on for being “radio silent”… I’ve worked in tech support in the past, so I’ve seen things from that side of the phone/email. The lesson to learn is: always hammer them until the problem is resolved.

Harvest Right definitely needs to fix their support workflow to find out how your support case fell flat. They also should evaluate their escalation procedures since their first round of attempted resolutions (sending the parts) was not successful.

As for the holidays and people being out on vacation, that’s no one’s fault, just the roll of the dice.

All in all, this will not discourage me from eventually purchasing a system from Harvest Right, especially since they’re the only game in town for these kinds of machines. Also, there seems to a far more positive videos and reviews of them on just YouTube alone, even ones speaking about their support, to give credence that your experience was the outlier, not the norm.


gurl you such a DRAMA QUEEN! LOL

Darrell says:

Yak yak yak. That’s quite the rant

Tom Clarkson says:

We love our harvest right. It is easy to use and has been fantastic for 4 years. I’m not sure why you struggled, but I assure you that these freeze dryers are the best thing for preserving food.

DJtune10 says:

find another company. They can’t be the only company in the world that sell this product. $2500 they should have top notch customer service.
I would like to purchase one, but not from harvest. You did the right thing by posting this video.

scott blackwell says:

Hear that giant sucking sound? That is Harvest’s future! They are producing for a niche market. Customer service and quality control should be their top two priorities. The president, owner, or CEO of Harvest should have hand delivered your replacement IN PERSON and taken the old one with him/her. If he/she doesn’t read these comments and immediately make changes, you can write this company off. It won’t be around two years from now. Ego and Greed!

themightyparthos says:

I am glad I watched this video as I am looking and almost bought a unit just yesterday, but opted to do more research.
I am back on the fence as to whether I should build one or buy one.
HEY!!! There is an idea, a harvest right DIY kit, that is how many 3D printers are sold.

Older Man says:

Can I run it in a garage that isn’t climate controlled?

CB Lee says:

Since I have to depend on Social Security check to survive, I was unable to buy the Harvest Right freeze dryer. I am no longer upset that it was not affordable for me. Thanks for posting this.

Penntucky Survival says:

10yrs ago and still no compatision  ?? what gives

arstrahan says:

Would you tell me one more time how much it cost?

Ella Palmer says:

John really glad you posted this video.. We do have the oilless pump and it will shut off saying it cannot achieve a vaccum, same story with HR. we were working with the same Tech, named Matt. VERY frustrating to say the least, when you pay almost $3,000 for the machine and almost $1600.00 for the oilless pump.. Unfortunatly we do not do youtube so we probably wont get any contact. We have had out machine going on 3 years and love it.. and would really like the oilless and hope they make it right

patricia cunningham says:

Your update is too far to the right and we cannot read the whole thing!

Woodrow Edwards says:

I really wanted to get one, and YouTube suggested this video. This makes me sad. I guess I’ll hold off a year or two and see if they either improve customer service, or a competitor makes one with a better warranty.

Roxie R. Heart says:

Such a shame I’ve been seriously considering getting one specifically to make dog food since we buy freeze dried dog food and was hoping to save some money. I’m one of those people who are in no way mechanically inclined, so a busted machine on top of really shitty customer service makes me nervous to spend thousands of dollars in a machine, I was looking at the new oil less machine which cost more, but my confidence in customer care has made me cautious to spend that sort of moeny

Place Holder Profile says:

I hope you fix this bad speaking about harvest right. It seems you don’t appreciate zero food wastage this provides and or not paying 20000 dollars for something this new start up company created. You are coming off spoilt. You should do a happy video about how things worked out or I for one will lose all respect for you. Updates dont cut it. You are simply throwing shade on a USA made start up idea you should be supporting A LOT MORE.

AdrepKeith says:

I suspect if you did some further research you would find they are somehow tied into the federal government. Then you would have known from the get go what to expect.


TALK TO CODY AT HARVEST RIGHT, HE IS THE MORNING GUY… LOL You might have a bad relay or “freon” pressure switch… The pressure switch is more of an issue because it cannot be fixed without evacuating the refrigerant and then refilling it with refrigerant after the part is replaced. However, you can bypass the pressure switch… (I didn’t tell you that) This machine SHOULD NOT BE MADE IN THE USA. American labor and all the bullshit that comes with American labor and doing business America is TOO EXPENSIVE. This machine should be made in MEXICO or China and the machine would cost $300 plus the cost of the fancy vacuum pump. BTW I paid around 4k for my machine a few years ago, they have recently come down in price. I have never had any issues with my machine…

Joe Epps says:

Thanks John, I feel the pain. customer service what is that?

roggie77777 says:

John I like electric cars, but electric and Hybrids are just as, if not more polluting then gas cars. sorry. When you look at all factors like strip mining/deforestation for lithium, transportation of specialty parts, extra manufacturing infrastructure and end of life disposal it is the same or more, just like ethanol which is even worse. Most electricity 95% come from coal, nuclear and N.G.

The Sonoran Desert Grower says:

I’ve seen these machines in cannabis cultivation facilities freeze drying concentrates. I would imagine they treat their cannabis industry customers really well. Maybe their veggie customer base is chopped liver

8910Hemmings says:

Was also thinking of buying one. Now, not!

tom kehl says:

Find a good LAWER and go after them/food+ good mind feelings !

therawlifefamily says:

Great video John.

Dale Goble says:

I use to watch your videos alot. After hearing you cry like a little girl , dont think I’ll be watching any more of them.
By the end of the video I wanted to Puke. Never heard a grown Man cry so much.
We just received out Harvest Right machine and it is Great. Have called Harvest right many times and contacting them many more by email and always get a prompt reply.
In the real world things break, things go wrong and people are busy and people are Idiots….
They have sold over 40,000 machines and most people are very happy. They few that are not cry the loudest, like you.
I am very grateful that Harvest Right has brought this amazing machine to the public.
It is pricey, but you can not make it for what they charge. I build Equipment and know.
We waited 2 years before we bought one and have read the negative reviews by you and others.
Dint change our mind and we are glad.
Its a great machine and a great way to have long term food storage that you make yourself.
So why do you have to go on Youtube and rant like some little girl over a few problem.
Anyone considering buying one of these machines, pay no attention to this crying baby little girl.
We Love ours, its great.

tom nugent says:

I have read so many horror stories about this product,if your retired or bored and have alot of time on your hands and like taking things apart and like a challenge to try to fix things then this is for you.customer support is them telling you possible things to try to fix it yourself.It is not ready for market yet.finally someone telling the truth


And to think I was looking into one just last week as I attempt to learn and build somewhat of a food stash for emergencies and other possiblities. Oh well, I guess this is not an option, I will NOT be giving them my well earned money.

Dave Nevarez says:

I was just thinking if I buy one. I would sell the food to the poor for as cheap as I could so they can have food in the future. I just saying.

ivyrazz says:

I’m wondering if these things cost a lot to operate. Have you figured out what it cost per batch or per hour to run a freeze dryer?


That sucks it’s not reliable cuz I was going to buy one but after watch and seeing alot of people having issues with the harvest right machines I’m just gonna buy from my Patriot supply.

M35a2guy says:

Looking forward to still purchasing one. Thanks for sharing your story and I hope they get you all set up.

Eden Starr says:

I have yet to find a good review on this machine. I think I’ll wait until there’s more competition. 🙂

edifying says:

Thanks for your video. Have always wanted one of these but the price and warranty have kept me from buying. Now, knowing your experience with customer service, I am doubly glad I have not purchased one. Also I tried to estimate the electrical cost of running one of these to preserve my garden harvest and it seemed prohibitive. That may be due to the rates in my locality but have you or anyone else commenting here made an estimate? Of course I realize that cost would need to factor in the superior quality of this preservation type and the length of time the food can be stored to really reach a final conclusion. No small considerations. I will take the advice of some other commenters here and look into a DIY solution. It would probably be possible to buy the parts and have an AC/Htg specialist put it together for the same or far less money.

allen gonzalez says:

I was considering in purchasing one of their machines…NOT NO MORE, will wait for for better customer services practices, and a better product up grade. Or, better yet, a new and more Ethical company to buy a freeze dryer from.

DrValerie800 says:

Thanks John; sorry you have had such a hard time with your freeze dryer! I have wanted one for years but just can’t justify the expense. If I had purchased a defective one like you had, I’d be REALLY upset. One of my friends recently got one and had planned to rent it out to friends; thankfully (for him) I talked him out of that…you don’t want to be moving a heavy complex piece of equipment like that around all the time. Plus, people might say they would filter the oil every time but then figure they could get away without doing that…so pretty soon, that expensive doorstop is what it turns into. Hopefully some other companies will start making home freeze dryers soon and driving the price down.

Cheryl Johnson says:

Did you get it fixed?

Joe Tittiger says:

Great Job john. They are fortunate that I was not the one calling. You were too reserved IMHO. The company seems to be totally clueless. If they want to outsource customer service, have them give me a call.

collectorbob810 says:

did they pay for the food that went bad?

Think First says:

I can appreciate your frustration with the problems you were having with the freeze dryer. Never the less it doesn’t take an hour to coherently and succinctly tell your story. 20 minuets would have been enouth with more impact. I understand you are who you are sometimes a little less of who you are would go a long way.

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