Detailed in Use Review of Haier HLP141E Portable Dryer electric machine

Hello friends!, after a couple of years of our last attempt to have a portable washer and dryer in our apartment, we finally found the perfect machines that worked for us and I want to share it with you. If you are tired of having to use the external laundry room and have a bathroom shower space to spare, this solution may be the ideal one. Please let us know if this video was useful, and thanks for your support!


Yasmin Erbar says:

I live in a apartment do the washer and dryer are voltage apt? I think the volt in a apt is 110 or 120 not quiet sure, but before I buy it just want to make sure.

Angelo Jaramillo says:

How does it heat up so quick?

TheBettagurl says:

I’m getting my new washer and dryer today , both haier compact. so looking forward to it.

isaacrox21 says:

There was no link

Ian P says:

I just bought one and getting it shipped to my door.

Am going to put in the bathroom.
About the venting; what happens when you run this dryer for 30 minuets?
Does the room get hot and steamy?
Is this dryer safe to use as of an open vent?

M E Basil says:

i LOVE my haier washer when it died (after 20years) i bought another. the puls feature id wonderful for pillows! my old one was so small i dad to put pillow in machine and run it through cycle than i turned it over and put the dry end in the machine and ran it through on the cycle. it did a wonderful job! every pillow was like new.

now my dryer bought in Sept 1972 yes 1972! has died. im trying to make up mind on new dryer.
why didn’t you get the rack? is having the controls on the floor a nuisance, why not put it on a table?

The Groovy Guy Reviews says:

I have owned one of these for about six months and love it. Have seen no increase in my electric bill and though it takes close to 90 min. to dry a full load it works great! Does anyone know where you can buy replacement filters? I have been using a vacuum and cleaning my filter the best I can but it’s looking rather worn now.

Jackie Elias says:

in your expierence is this machine better than the maytag 2.1 you showed us?  Thanks for the videos.

trha2222 says:

How much of a fire hazard is this thing? I read one review where a user said a sock started on fire.

Katie Nicole Coupon says:

How do get the black filter clean? It’s horrible! Other then that it’s good..

Zoya Aslam says:

has anyone had issues with it catching on fire?

0stephie0 says:

And where did you get them?

orange70383 says:

I tossed the felt layer and just left it with the normal screen one. I’ve loaded mine way past the max and it’s been perfect for 3-years now.

Queen Lareefer says:

so you didnt need to vent outside?

0stephie0 says:

Is it energy efficient?

Dennis Cook says:

It’s loud for 2 reasons, 1- it’s in a shower.. 2- it’s not vented properly. Mine is quiet, and works well. It does take a while to dry being it’s only 110 and not 220 like regular dryers. All in all I’m happy with it. I bought it used (2 yrs old) and it still looks new.

Rick Rude says:

My dryer is near a window so I vent outside. I cut a piece  of cardboard the  same height as the window and 6 inches wide. I cut  a 4″ hole in the bottom , for the dryer duct. I place the cardboard in the window and then slide the window shut on it. Venting outside prevents humidity and mold growth. It also vents the fine  lint that the lint filter misses to the outside.  You don’t want the breath in this lint, it is probably bad for your lungs and  will make your place dusty. I used cardboard, you can use wood if you want.  Plexi-glass would be the least noticeable from the street.

The Real Attic Brats says:

I noticed mine didn’t dry either after the first couple hours when I first got mine so I adjusted the temperature settings to something different and it works fine afterwards. only problem I’ve had with it since is the squeaking sound it would make when tumbling. I bought mine used for a hundred bucks and my boyfriend fixed the squeaking sound by replacing a small piece that cost like $6 and it’s work fine since until now a year later and it’s not blowing hot air. So here I am trying to figure out what’s wrong with it now. It’s a great dryer when it works LOL and it’s ideal for small spaces apartment living where you don’t have hookups for washers and dryers. which is why I have mine and I use it basically to dry t-shirts socks and underwear all the heavy stuff we hang out to dry.

justgivemeanaccount1 says:

I have this dryer and it takes FOREVER to dry. We’re talking 4+ hours. I’m wondering if mine is just broken.

eagle Sky says:

How hot this dryer is? when you open in middle of cycle is it very hot that you cannot touch like regular dryers? is dryer hot enough to sterilize cloths?

Azura Lovee says:

can it hold a queen size sheet in both units?

Michael W. says:

Got ours yesterday I guess we didn’t get a load of towels spun enough. It took about a day to get them dry. I like the washer a lot but the dryer really needs a power boost.

maya bee says:

I bought the Haier washer and this dryer and let me tell you it is worth every penny.I love this dryer and it does dry my clothes the only thing is for a big load it takes about an hour to dry .I put the vent outside my window because if you don’t your room will be  very humid.The only bad thing about this dryer is the filter only because it’s a pain in the ass to clean. I’m a very awkward person and I hated going downstairs of my apartment building to clean my clothes because it’s a tiny place and I had to be  too close to my neighbor plus I hated the fact that I was cleaning my panties and my bf boxer in the same machine as 100 people .Seriously buy this baby you won’t regret it

dsheney says:

need to vent outside dryer air ,dryer sucking in damp air, your dryer would run half amount in time, waste electricity

Lakeysha Burton says:

I have the washer now am getting this but i need to know which one is better panda or haier?? I dont want yo mix match but i like a good one

Sri Yantra says:

The dryer absolutely sucks does it not? Mine does not dry worth a shit.

Jerry Stuber says:

had this washer/dryer set for a year now, live in a 1 bedroom apt so was a great solution, does a great job except things do tend to get tangled in the washer but we prolly load it too full sometimes, never had an issue at all that needed servicing. only thing is the wool lint filter in dryer is a pain , but we ordered extra filters im thinkin was less than 15.00 for a 3 pack from haier we just called number for service rite in front when you open the door, we use a baby hair brush to brush lint off wool filter and get 3-4 months out of 1 filter so can live with that, we found that very rarely we run the brush across the lint screen behind the filters about once every couple of months, but its never bad, we just do as preventive measure we use it on a daily basis, and sometime a couple loads a day, thinkin paid like 700 for the pair from wal-mart was here after 3 days. never have a problem with lint, dust from exhaust and we have no filter on vent. loads are usually dry after 90 min and like said prolly over load it from time to time, so no complaints, it doesn’t get as hot hot as a regular 220 volt dryer and was skeptical about buying it, but over all for price and what it is am absolutely pleased and would recommend the set to everyone, oh yeah, since it doesn’t get as hot as 220 volt my dress shirts are always wrinkled, tried drying them separate but still wrinkled so just hang them on shower rod rite from washer overnight and they’re fine, guess that’s only draw back can think of. but small price to pay considering only other option would be laundromat again would highly recommend to anyone who doesn’t have room for full size set or 220 access

Nähwichtel Nähen says:

or just hang it on a rag

Mitchell Collins says:

Install an exhaust fan

Tomoko Ishikawa says:

where did you buy this? how is it now?

lovelyamerah says:

Thanx for sharing this video!! Did this dryer come with a wall mounting rack? Or is that something you buy separately? 

elizabeth * says:

hello, the orange fan belt on my dryer broke and i am trying to replace it. does anyone know how? thanks!!

auntiebuki says:

I also used the packaging material as a base to raise the dryer o few inches off the floor 🙂

Judy Godfrey says:

I bought this pair a month or so ago and I adore it! I thought I was going to hate it but really, it is one of the most fun and easy appliances I own~ It cleans great and doesn’t take all that long to do 3 or 4 loads. It takes about 7 larger articles of clothing (like pants or shirts) plus several smaller items like underwear. The filter is a pain in the neck to clean as the lint gets stuck on the felt pad and is almost impossible to get off. I bought mine used on Craigslist for $300 for the pair and it is worth every penny! Plus it is fun to use and very user friendly!

Beautifully S says:

do i have to put a vent on it,after 5 months of living in my,home mold had been,discovered landlord is,blaming,my,dryer which is the same,one,you have in the video mine is in,my,kitchen venting,just like yours he says it created the mold,thats in,the whole house cause its venting,i, the home only,been,here 5 months and its mold,underneath the carpets in the walls however no where,near the kitchen or,livingroom,were the dryer is.

steven larson says:

how many watts does this dryer use,im off grid!

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