Choosing Your Combo Washer/Dryer


Thomas Norton says:

I owned the LG combo and was most pleased with it. The condenser dryer allowed me to remove the clothes while slightly damp, hung up to dry they in turn dried wrinkle free. I don’t recommend liquid detergents or liquid softeners because are made from products that build up residue that grows mold. Better to use powdered detergents and dryer sheets.

charley rose says:

same here,how good dose it dry

Ms. Rose says:

It would be helpful if you add the name & link of each item in your video description.

Ali Ahmad says:

U need to let people no the cu ft of each machine and the name please for the machine that dry the fastest

Mika Turman says:

I have the first unit shown in this video… “Summit SPWD 1800”. The error message is reading that the motor needs to be replaced. I have contacted Summit and the motor if $150, but do you all have a video how to repair it? I haven’t found any luck with any appliance repair shops that know how to fix it.. Well so they say via phone.  Thanks!

Ali Ahmad says:

Which one of the machine has dried wrinkle free

JasonfromMinnesota says:

Very helpful but I do want to know what this condensation dry is

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