Buy the LG All in one washer/dryer

Buy the LG all in one washer/dryer. For tips on keeping this clean and running efficiently:


now you see me says:

I rather stick to Quick 30 that’s the best cant wait for 3hrs dam

mirooo Vuujjj says:

how did you install I need one for my apartment

kurtzcol says:

how does it vent the dryer

Courtney Dotson says:

For everyone who is saying 3 hours – no way. I have LG’s energy efficient washer AND dryer stackable. And it always takes at least 1 hour to wash and then close to two hours to dry. So really it’s the same amount of time. The only downside is that you can only be doing 1 load at a time because you can’t be washing one and drying another. I’m about to order one for my new condo for the space saving factor.

Lupo Jacobo says:

Mian reason why you should buy a all in one is the time will take to do 5 loads…10 hours comparing to 6 hours on a separate set

Harold Martin says:

To bad I didn’t put a patent on this when I thought of it 25 years ago

Osiris Knight says:

You could buy a second hand dryer to use in combination with it for when you need to dry something fast.

Latina Millennial says:

does the steam cycle take out wrinkles? I don’t like ironing. thanks

Nick Miller says:

Two questions. Is it still doing a good job? And, I saw you mention a slight increase to your electric bill – did you see any drop in your water bill? I know it’s supposed to be very efficient on water and power, but since it runs fairly longer I’m not surprised to see it use a bit more power in the end.

awalke17 says:

If you only need to dry something can you skip the washing process?

Monique Avila says:

does it leave the clothes feeling hot and dry after it’s done?

pound14poundking says:

Did you see a increase in your electric bill and water bill my wife wants me to buy it do you like it would you recommend to for a a family of four

Chantal Castillo says:

Do you have the option to just wash?

My mom prefers to hang her clothing to dry and I prefer to machine dry it. Right now we have a separate washer dryer but we dont have the space for it because we live in a small NYC apartment.

Shazzy Candy says:

3 hours for 1 load of clothes. and a 1700 dollar washer to just take that much longer? plus the cubic feet is so much less. haha no thank you. my he washer washes my clothes in 25 minutes and They are dried in 40. Thanks for review though.

njdevils040 says:

Stay away from LG, Samsung. All made in china. Only select few “Appliance Repair ppl” will work on Samsung. Keep it “Made in North America”. Just picked up Whirlpool washer/dryer. paid arm and leg, but it’s not made in china. 

Rafiek Walker says:

with a conventional w/d you can wash simultaneously. Therefore you will get more done in a given period.

Theresa Heidt says:

+Ellen Christian hi Ellen great video,  I am down in Costa Rica and really want to look into getting this machine.  They have washers and spinners and hang dry much and I am curious if the clothes come out clean smelling without the moisture issue or smell?  I also worry about shrinkage in the clothes or can I set it to a cool dry? Thank you!

Sulaiman Najmi Saharil says:

less noise less vibration

Shay Lockett says:

3hrs no thanks

dsonyay says:

Because of the drying done at the same time, have you had mold issues with your unit? Seems the combo units would eliminate the mold problems common in front load models.

jeopardy60611 says:

I just searched out and watched your video because I am trying to buy a condo, and I looked at a unit that had an all-in-one washer-dryer.  It happens to be installed in the kitchen, which I find unusual, but I do like the idea of having an all-in-one because then I don’t have to transfer the clothes to a dryer after doing the washing.

fried says:

How much did you pay for it?

bmedeiros678 says:

thanks for posting

rico de guzman says:

Can it handle bedding sheets?

Rafiek Walker says:

how can you say it saves time with one load taking 3 hrs. to wash on load of color than a load of white takes apx. 6hrs. wheres the time saving?

corkygidget says:

Often times I don’t dry some of my tops. DO I need to wash these separately or can I stop the machine before it goes Into dryer mode and pull these few shirts out? Thanks in advance!

LLGoldstein says:

I think the sound would be the first thing I would turn off.

Enid S. says:

What is the quickest wash and dryer time?

MrManthem says:

Bought this unit 5 years ago with the extended 5 year warranty… needed to replace the pump twice during that time. But get this: One month after the warranty expired—the CPU and the motor completely fried…. Coincidence or designed to fail? Umm no more LG for me thank you.

Faruha says:

Three hours?! No, thank you.

Sara Loggins says:

Have you done an update of this review now that you have had it for a while?

francisca mercado says:

how long does it last

Mr1kuwait says:

Dose it dry the clothes ? , I mean real dry .

Sulaiman Najmi Saharil says:


Monique Avila says:

does it leave the clothes feeling hot and dry after it’s done?

turganov says:

What is capacity in cubic feet? Thanks.

C Rendon says:

I’m awful when it comes to doing laundry. I’m always leaving clothes in the washer and always forget to put them in the dryer because I have to leave or I get busy doing something so this is awesome. I usually do one load a day anyways so this would be great for a single mama throwing the clothes in…go to run some errands come back for them them fold them and away. DONE!

AlexJ_D63 says:

Do you live in an apartment where someone lives below you and if so, do they ever complain of the noise? Thank you

Sha Gojō says:

Whats soil level

debbe buhat says:

Do u think this can be use for laundry business or for house use only… One load of clothes for 3 hours? No lesser than that option?

William Mickelson says:

Is this a 110v or a 220v?

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