Best RV Washer Dryer Combo

We’ve used two of these units in two different RVs and it has been a great alternative to dragging our clothes to a laundromat. I highly recommend the WD2100xc and think you would have a hard time finding a better unit.

For full specs and more info about the WD2100xc, check out the blog at


Mari Rodriguez says:

Looks nice…I would love to see an rv tour! Thanks for sharing!! :)) #Stayblessed

one moment at a time says:

$1200.00 OMG!!!

Donald RockJr says:

Great video!! Does it really take a couple of hours since it’s vented drying???

LaundryKid2005 says:

In uk that would be called indersit / indershit coz its crap

gerard haubert says:

Size specs, width, height, wt., etc

Paul Hojda says:

This is just a crappy Indesit with a different badge on it. Indesit is a very popular brand in Europe, originating from Italy, and are known for making utter garbage machines that people seem to buy in their millions.

Music4TheSoul says:

Dont be surprised if the control module goes out quickly!

luvscountrymusic2 says:

do you have to winterize this unit? if so how? thank you!

True Watts says:

Silly to ask, but would help to know for sure. Is it specifically for RVs or can I take it and use it in my apartment as well?

Jason Benade says:

Do you recommend and did you use an overflow pan under the washer/dryer combo? Also did you use the floor mounting hardware?

Grazzlesnorf Hopdoodle says:

Great video!


How so how long have you had it now? Ive heard this model is the cats miow for Rvs. Still running well and whats the cost ? Also how do you run it in winter as i usually have to shut one heater off to microwave my potatoes.Thanks Doug

James Gibbs says:

wished I would have bought mine along time ago it is great

M Asynaps says:

how much is the dry weight of it?

Oie d'etudiant says:

Awash you got it like that!

Bruno says:

Seriously? You are adding clothes and add the detergent but you set on drying cycle?!

Luis Sousa says:

Does it work good?

Tiffany Bernard says:

Nathan?! that your voice I hear? I was literally going to comment on LJMJ and ask about best combo for rv, found this vid and start listening and thought “no way how funny” didn’t know y’all had two accounts!

CircledSquare says:

Pure Indesit only with different logo.

Ilove Servis says:

program 5 is dry only not a wash cycle

Professor Grimm says:

Can you? and have you had this running while driving? if you have, any issues? high speed spin cycle balancing? water sloshing? thank you for your time.

paulėnas kunca says:

This is a inesit

Allen Underwood says:

how long does it take to dry?

italia01139 says:

Looks great sounds like is on drying

Tony says:

Isn’t this a video from Less Junk, More Journey? Did you have permission?
I hope you did…

Scott Falkner says:

Have you operated this on a generator?

Ruth Walden-Turek says:

We have the non-vented version. We are NOT happy with it. The drying time is NEVER!! I did a load yesterday – (at this point, I only wash socks, t-shirts and underwear in it due to it’s inability to dry) the drying cycle went more than 8 hours and we still had 2 t-shirts damp. We take dress clothes to laundry mat. I would not recommend these to anyone!! The other big issue I have with it, is there is no alarm when either cycle is done. I think it’s great that you don’t need a buzzer between wash and dry…but anyone who does laundry knows you can’t leave it sitting in the dryer or the clothes will be be wrinkled. On top of that, I bought some cheap little timers to set so I would know when it’s done, but the dryer timed cycles are NEVER right. Set it for 60 minutes – one time it might be 65 another it might 74…the timer is not correct. When we talk to customer service, they tell us this is normal!! What??? Maybe in Europe, but not here in the USA.

LaTasha Ursin says:

can you create an install on a travel trailer that does not have the washer and dryer hook up?

Eugene Stuart says:

Thanks for the info!

Apache Native says:

I like this washer a whole lot better. then the others ,i seen on YouTube

Yolanda Romero says:

It’s all electric? Water hookup? Takes a very long time, but I would like to get one. What is the name of the product???

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