Beko Heat Pump Tumble Dryer Review DSX83410W

Rambling review of my new energy efficient tumble dryer. The load of washing at the end of the video took exactly 1 hour and 40 minutes to dry – quite impressive timings for a heat pump machine. My phone ran out of battery and cut the part where the machine is left running to show the reverse tumble action frequency so I’ve had to film that on a separate video once I’d charged my phone for a bit. I’ll be listing the Miele dryer on eBay eventually as I’m more than happy with the performance of this new Beko machine 😁


Mrbosch 18 says:

I have this dryer and mines good 😉

Cal Sa says:

The same argument that i did when i bout 2 mounths ago the washing machine, i did 6 year warrany and i oaid 600 euro, so it cost me 100 for year, i think more, because they last more than 6 years and i didnt have to oay for calling service or for the consumed part he gona change that for me for free, in the extended warranty, is more like an insurance, if i took a miele, ok is build in very good way, and good materials, but for have what my lg washing machine does, steam wifi, steam softner, medic rinse and a lot of more stuff 10kg 1400 spin, a miele would cost 2500euro, even if it last 20 years without any problems, (that is impossible, because the broke to and a part will cosf like 200 300, it will cost me more tha 100 for year!

Toby Wright says:

6 minutes in and you’re still talking about your old tumble dryer. Riveting.

Mrlaundry101 says:

I’m getting the hybrid version of this 🙂

HooverLux says:

Nice glasses!! Quick question, how do you clean the condenser fins? Did I miss that?

Spyridon Miaris says:

Hi 🙂 do you know if that model comes with drying basket for shoes etc?
I am looking into purchasing this.

Vivien Wen says:

Pls advise is safe to put this dryer at balcony under the sun but with shelter? It is safe? Will it explode? Besides, cleaning the black foam filter, what is the maintenance for this dryer?

rmariu says:

I wonder if all heatpump dryers have the same innards regardless of brand. It seems like all induction hobs have the same if not similar innards regardless of brand too. If I had a heatpump dryer then I would not use fabric softener as it will end up gumming up the fins. Lovely machine and I hope you are enjoying the heat. The winter seemed to go on forever this year.

Mike R says:

Your using a tumble dryer during a heatwave? Global warming much?

WasherKidTV says:

Very good dryer hoping to get one soon 😉 Beko quality is amazing for their prices…Also brilliant review 🙂

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