Beko DCU8230 Condenser Sensor Tumble Dryer Review & Demonstration

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In this video I demonstrate and review a new Beko Condensor Sensor tumble dryer.

I first show the documentation that came with the dryer and the hose that can be connected to the appliance to automatically drain the condensed water into a suitable drain to save having to empty the container after each use.

I then demonstrate the condensor container and explain what all the buttons on the control panel are for and then I show the large 8kg capacy drum with a built in LED light. I also show the condensing unit at the base of the dryer and advise on care and maintenance of the machine.

I demonstrate the dryer by loading a full set of double bedding into the drum, selecting cotton cupboard dry and timing how long it takes to dry the load.

I can thoroughly recommend this tumble dryer. It seems well made, is relatively quiet and dries the clothes quickly and efficiently.


侯雷坡 says:

it’s really a good share.

Paul Mitchell says:

i have a Beko heat pump dryer A** average time to dry 1 hour 30mins but it reheats the same air clothes smell even nicer.

Tazdi says:

my daddy hates beko but i like beko

Marc Leslie says:

Holding both buttons down would activate the child lock. The start button is the only button that needs to be held in to cancel a cycle.

Craig Leonard says:

I have this dryer, previously had a Miele and i would say the machines performances are about the same. Im sticking with Beko from now on !! Great reviews too Roger. 🙂

James Finnie says:

This tumble dryer is OK but has a couple of flaws:
1) The fluff filter fit into the housing is pretty poor, which means quite a lot of fluff bypasses the filter. There is no secondary filter before the condenser, so this fluff mostly ends up on the condenser, with some of it ending up right at the back of the dryer (remove the condenser and look at the back corner). Regular cleaning mitigates this, but it is a shame to have to for the sake of what would have been another filter or a rubber seal around the primary filter.
2) The smart lamp interior light module failed twice – in both cases the same failure mode, the lamp blinks uncontrollably. First time the smart lamp PCB was replaced under warranty. Second time (3 months out of warranty) neither Beko nor John Lewis wanted to know.
Drying performance is OK, though it does shrink clothes a fair bit. The temperature of clothes coming out is much higher than the new heat pump Miele I’ve replaced it with; however it was over 3 times the price of this. I think this contributes to shrinkage.

Doosra95 says:

congratulations to you first of all for making a such a very easy to understand video, yes I HAVE to read the Manuel !How ever because it is my first tumble dryer you made it so easy for me to understand thank you so much.Have wonderful 2016.

Bubulina Gospodina says:

very informative, just got one. thank you

Mrlaundry101 says:

I love this tumble dryer, I had the vented version and the sensors were very good. Dry every time. I’ll reccomend this to my sister and cousin as they are sick of wet clothes all over the place. I don’t really like their washers as they are not my preferred brand, and as my aunties beko has tried taking its own life multiple times every cycle…

dragoncraft says:

20 mins ago and 36 views

Ancupola says:

Thank you for this video. I bought one for my mother and she likes it. I can also recommend the Gorenje range of products. They are very good too.

mark89474 says:

do u ever peg out

Andrew Miller says:

holding buzzer cancel and start pause brings a child lock start pause only cancel the load of laundry

Ian Duckworth says:

Just bought one second hand but didn’t realise you have to have an authorised service engineer fit a different lid/special part if you intend to use it under a counter top yet to find out how much that will cost 🙁

mathew marsh says:

My mum has a Miele tumble dryer and she has had it for 12+ years and she has many children and only broke down once

The vacuum and other things says:

what was your old dryer?

Michael Cromwell says:

very helpful thank you

Sebastian Wilson says:

Brought it from John Lewis

Andrew Miller says:

what was the make of the dryer that lasted 9 years
hugs from uk

Sherbet Pip says:

We’ve just brought this dryer, it’s the first dryer we’ve had so can’t compare it to any others. Thanks for your video, it’s helped me understand of couple of things 🙂

Chriscom28 says:

If a tumble dryer buzzes in an empty house does it make a sound?

59seank says:

Great review. I’ve never used a condenser dryer, so I learned something new.

Shefra Gaynes says:


dragoncraft says:

i did the first like and comment!

Jenny Magill says:

I got this dryer 2nd hand so no instructions. all of a sudden and alarm keeps going off could you tell me why this is happening pls. emptied water, cleaned flitter and flitter at the bottom and still doing it. pls help

Shella Pearce says:

i like it

HotpointAquarius98 says:

I have this dryer, it’s amazing.

lili vasquez says:

I put the dryer for an hour does not dry the clothes

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