Amana Washer And Dryer MUST WATCH!!!

New Amana Washer And Dryer Cheap But last Longer Then The $3000 Shit!!!

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T, Skipwadoo says:

The plastic is in the gears and outer tub shield plus maybe no floor plate.

Tammy F says:

Junk …don’t buy this

Cooldude84343 says:

Those are GREAT machines and I look forward to seeing more videos of them.

deez nutz says:

Lol I got these last week 1st washer would start to fill then got to wash and nothing will happen at all just stopped so they brang me a new one today and what would u know it does the same thing as the other one won’t wash they don’t understand how I got to broken washer I’d never buy again

David Malinovsky says:

My 2012 Roper version of this works well and is reliable so far. Admittedly it is a non HE model. Too bad the LG didn’t hold up.

Tony's Lawn care says:


SuperJeremi10 says:

i have this same set at work they work good used for washing towls work clothes and moving blankets works great.

Mariel Puebla says:

My other washer had it in the middle and when it was time it would dispense it by its self…..this one i have to add it during rinse cycle because if you add it b4 it drops it instantly so annoying

juan z says:

How long have you owned these and how they holding up so far?

demented12 says:

We just bought the Amana washer ,because it was the only one that dint have electronic(and confusing) controls.
It works very well.much less noisier than the last one.

Mariel Puebla says:

The thing i hate is that ir doesnt have a softner dispenser

Hector Bonilla says:

we hace a washer Amana thats takes water and dosent Star to wash

1Energine1 says:

Amana is bull. Its not going to last longer than the “$3000 sh” because its a MAYTAG brand that also makes and sells that $3000 sh. by the way i did research on them and despite the “Made in America” stickers when i pulled it apart it was ALL bottom dollar Chinese components. aka Cheap for american made because its not made in america… I’m sick of the marketing BS and calling out Maytag for making another brand name to hide behind.

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