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If you’re sick of your clothes dryer filling your laundry room with steam, then this Whirlpool model would make a great replacement. Not only is it a condenser dryer, which means no steamy exhaust, but its heat pump also recycles its waste heat to further dry your clothes, making it an incredibly energy-efficient choice for your home. It’s especially handy in smaller laundry rooms such as those found in apartments, as they can be set up anywhere that’s convenient, without requiring access to ventilation. Just remember though that as condenser dryers are heavier than vented dryers, they can’t be wall mounted in your laundry.

Looking at the control panel, on the left we have the removable water tank. This is where the dryer collects the moisture it removes from your clothes as condensed water. You’ll need to empty this tank after each load, unless you install the optional hose for continuous draining.

In the centre we have the program dial, which is where you can select one of 14 available drying programs to suit different washing loads. These options let you get the best drying results, no matter whether you’re drying cottons, synthetics, delicates or woollens.

Just above the program selector dial is the eco monitor, which indicates the energy consumption of each drying program. The more energy a program will consume, the more lights will light up. This can help you keep your home’s environmental footprint under control.

On the right is the dryer’s digital display, where you can view the status of your drying at a glance. You can also adjust the dryness level of your cycle, or delay your cycle by up to 24 hours until a more convenient time. This can help reduce running costs if you dry during off-peak energy periods.

Opening up the door, inside we can find the lint filters. You’ll need to keep these clean to get the best performance from your dryer. If you forget, there’s an indicator on the control panel to remind you.

The dryer has an 8 kilo capacity, making it suitable for large family households of 4 or 5 persons. It uses sensor-based wave motion and 6th sense technology to detect humidity levels and automatically adjust its drying settings to thoroughly and efficiently dry your clothes.

And that’s the Whirlpool 8 kilo Heat Pump Dryer, available with a 2 year warranty.


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