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Sized to suit a large family of five or more, this dryer collects its exhaust as condensed water rather than venting it as steam. This lets you easily set up your dryer in an enclosed laundry, without worrying about the available ventilation.

Looking at the control panel, we have an LED display and a selector dial for choosing between a range of drying cycles, suitable for a variety of different fabrics and clothing types, such as cottons, synthetics, wool, and sportswear. These cycles automatically preset their drying temperature and time, removing any guesswork, and the dryer’s moisture sensors will automatically adjust the cycle length to prevent overdrying.

If anyone in your home suffers from asthma or allergies, there’s an Allergy Plus mode for cottons that dries at extra-high temperatures to help eliminate more allergens.

And for when you need some clothes dry in a hurry, there’s a setting for drying cottons in just 15 minutes, or synthetics in just 40 minutes. Remember that these settings will only effectively dry small loads – five business shirts is about the maximum for the 15 minute setting.

Looking at the LED display, this is where you’ll find the time remaining on your drying cycle, which can help you stay organised in the laundry. This is also where you can adjust your cycle’s drying time and dryness level, or select a low heat mode that’s gentler on delicate clothes.

Another great option is the Wrinkle Guard Plus. This setting will kick in once your drying cycle has finished, turning your clothes over every so often for up to two hours, which helps prevent creasing.

Looking at the machine itself, Bosch has designed the unit with anti-vibration technology, which helps keep it stable and quiet while running.

There’s a nice wide door for easy loading and unloading, and inside we have the stainless steel bowl, designed to give your clothes softer, more even drying.

Inside the door we have the lint filter, which should be emptied before every use of the dryer to maintain the dryer’s efficiency. If you forget, the LED display will show a reminder for you.

Up the top is the water tank, where the dryer collects the moisture from your clothes as condensed water. You’ll need to empty out this tank regularly, and the control panel will display a reminder if you forget. If you’ve a drain or laundry sink handy, a drain hose is available as an optional accessory, allowing the machine to empty its waste water while running.

At the bottom of the machine, we have the air inlet and the maintenance flap, where you’ll find the heat exchanger, which will need cleaning about once a month, depending on how often you use your dryer.

Because this is a condenser dryer, this unit is too heavy to be wall mounted. However, it is possible to stack the appliance with a compatible Bosch dryer when using the appropriate stacking kit, available separately.

And that’s the Bosch 8 kilo Condenser Dryer, available with a two year warranty.


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