👕 LG High Efficiency Top Loader and Dryer || Review and Demo 👕

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Ok, so I am no expert but these machines are awesome! I doing a full demo of my LG Inverter Direct Drive washer and LG Dry Sensor Dryer. If you are on the market for a new washer and dryer, these are great! Thanks for watching!

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Hector Merced says:

Thank you for such a great review. You made my purchasing decision easier.

Carol Baker says:

I still prefer my old fashion agitator washer (told hubs if it breaks down we will rebuild it if we have to) but enjoy the thorough review.

CoffeeCats says:

I have the LG front loader, but I’ve never really looked at the top loader ones before that have no dasher. Thanks for the review! 🙂 . I will add this, I think I still like my front loader one better because you just throw in the clothes, no arranging or slowly adding them. In fact I just dump in everything that’s going in at once and go.

Paige says:

Great presentation! So glad you are happy. The spin cycle sounds like a jet on the tarmac getting ready for take off. 🙂

Crag LaBrake says:

Last time I knew LG means Life’s Good. Awesome sauce video and it is amazing how much technology is improving.

Family Matters says:

Just purchased ours and we are currently waiting for it to be delivered this Friday. Thank you for your review!!!

Kerry Silvester says:

Great review

grny28 says:

I bought a older Maytag super capacity several yrs ago it’s by far the best set I have ever owned. It takes no more than 40 mins to dry ex large load of jeans, towels or any heavy blankets.. I was so afraid of it breaking down & I not finding parts that I found another one just in case for the spare parts. I have to admit I’m a little intimidated by the new ones with all the bells & whistles.

doogieRN1 says:

We have a washer like that. Have you washed blankets or sheets init yet? I pray as wish this not on my enemy that when the machine spins and it is continuously spinning them to balance the machine, however when ours cannot balance it beeps UL and I have to manually go inand try to balance blankets and sheets wet mind you and it is a pain! I hope you do not have do that!

jennie651 says:

I just bought a new LG Microwave and it also plays a lovely tune! It makes me happy too 😀

Anna V says:

Very interesting to see this! I’m from Northern Europe and here we have both front and top loaders – though our top loaders are quite different. The part where you put your clothes in is lifted on its side and there is a two part hatch on the perimeter. I have a front loader, have had a couple of years and it has the same kind of squeak every now and then. In my machine it’s because of the rubber seal and that’s ok. But of course it can be something else too. And one more thing, here because of saving water the run times are really long. For 60 degrees Celsius, I think that’s hot in US, the normal program takes 3 hours. The shorter version in my machine is 2 hours 40 mins. You need to plan when you put your machine on…

twylasmom says:

I have a samsung set very similar to your LG set! I love them! And I really love the way they sing when they are all done with the load!

Macey Uplinger says:

Where in the world did you find a 10 year warranty?

dramafree2018 says:

Great review and glad you are happy! That squeaking noise would make me insane.

Deborah Holt says:

I have the new machines and I have to say I would like more water or at least the option. Been trying to figure out how to override that function.

Kim Maye says:

Congrats on your brand new W&D! I have the LG front loaders. I always leave the washer door all the way open for a few hours then I close it but leave it cracked. I’ve never had a mold/mildew issue. Also, when I do the tub clean I use Affresh cleaning tablets. Check them out!

Heather Hollie Haller says:

I know I am crazy but I love doing laundry

Linda Good says:

I agree with a couple of your other followers. You should consider getting that squeak checked out. That should not be acceptable, especially on a new machine.

Barbara Von Eitzen says:

We bought the same machines …. love them

Fi Jay says:


Delene Bennett says:

Hi Sophia..I just love your videos and you..I love how you look after your animals and sons.I love Earl Grey tea and Bergamot..Love from Delene in sunny South Africa..

Jodie Kelly says:

Thank you for this review! My husband and I have been considering this exact machine. I am going to show him your video…you have provided great and detailed info!

Kim Maye says:

I always whistle with the chime lol. I’ve heard the same one for the past four years lol

julie Trader says:

Sophia you always do a great job. Thank you for sharing. God Bless

Linda Good says:

Oh and I’d still love to see a video of the washer doing a nice full load. This kind of machine is all new to me. I’ve been using front loading washers for the last 8 or 9 years. Before that I used the top loading machines with the large agitators all my adult life. And I’m 66, so that’s a lot of years. 🙂 When you can find the time, I hope you’ll do one of those videos for us. I know you are so busy. It always amazes me that you find the time to do all the things you do. You are truly amazing, Sophia!

1983Marit says:

Sophia, what a beautiful machines. I use vinager with a lavender smell instead of fabric softerer. It holds on to the colour of the clothes and it prefend your machine of chalk stains.

pocahontas nv says:

Which model is this? Model #?

Lily Wang says:

Thank you for put this video up and sharing your options on the pros and cons of​ this set of machine. I am currently thinking of buying them at Sears before seeing your videos. I decided to come back home and do a little my homework on this set, then I ran into your review video on Youtube. I really appreciate your in-detailed review. I will make the purchase tomorrow.

Sue Donner says:

I have a similar set. I love mine and they are Samson from Lowes.

Mother Henn says:

I had a Samsung HE top loader similar to yours. I really didn’t like it. It did not get baseball dirt out of uniforms at all. I was finding that fine dirt on my dryer lint filter. So I had to got back to a Speedqueen agitator that for the uniforms clean.

mrsdarcy1522 says:

thank you for this awesome review! 🙂 we are getting these delivered next week. Cant wait. Nice to see how to use these as we are new to HE technology. Thanks again.

Draw Breath says:

Great review Sophia! I love my LG front loading washer dryer too, a major asset in my tiny house…

Suzie Unger says:

I have the same set and I can’t figure out which setting is for whites..what do u use?

Olga says:

have an older LG washer with top load, love it, great brand, already 7 years and 100% satisfied. Yours are great

Phyllis Parton Marks says:

It’s so nice that you had a beautifully renovated laundry room for your new machines to go in!

Destiny Babauta says:

I have the LG front loader washer and dryer for a few years now and I think they are great. The controls are similar to yours. I have a LG dishwasher too that sings the same song when done so I sometimes get confused if my clothes or dishes are done lol

Tray says:

Tip for anyone who has an HE washer MEASURE and FOLLOW the instructions according to the detergent your using based on the load size because although this was a great review she used waay too much detergent for the small load size so you dont want to fill the detergent to the max like she did without measuring it or your washer will not properly rinse the dirty soap out of the clothes and will leave your clothes with soap residue and eventually will cause your washer to build up with soap scum alot of people think using a ton of detergent cleans better when in fact it can do the opposite do to improper rinsing I cant stress enough to people with HE machines to follow the detergent instructions alot of us have a really bad habbit of using too much soap when doing laundry and wonder why certain detergents give us bad skin reactions less is more just follow the directions on the bottle. I know this from experience because i use to use waaaay to much soap and one day i experimented with some really soiled stained work clothes and for the first time in my life i followed the directions on my detergent bottle thinking it wasnt gonna be enough but let me tell you that was the best my clothes ever came out and after doing research on it i found out why my clothes cleaned much better because my washer finally had a chance to thoroughly rinse all that dirt away instead of it sticking to the fibers in my clothing do to the over use of detergent. Im telling you try it it seems when you go bt the directions it doesn’t look like enough soap but trust me it is i never would have believed it until i tried it myself they put those measurements on the bottle for a reason and if the bottle says 42 loads you can actually get 42 loads out of it by sticking to the instructions.

Miss Dorothy says:

We inherited a washer and dryer and since I had a husband and four kids we set them up along with the washer and dryer we already had. Enjoyed getting laundry done in record time!

Sheri McGill says:

That dryer door is so cool..my favorite part of the demo! Thanks!

Jen Gus says:

Very interesting! Will keep this in mind if and when I need new machines. Mine are quite old at this point but still work well (knock on wood)!

SuperDeluxeEdition says:

This is a wonderful and informative review! I currently have a 12 yr. old front loader and my clothes just smells musty lately. I walk into the laundry room during and after the washer and the whole room smells! So, I’m looking into a top loader and LG is one of the brands I’m researching. Your review helps a lot, with wonderful details! Thanks again.

Faythe A says:

Thanks for such a thorough review. You nicely described what eh machine was doing in each cycle. I have old machine with a agitator. I like adding my soap before the clothes to I know it is mixed well. Your machine seems to mix it very well with the soap cups. I hope I don’t need a new one for a long time, but you never know.

Nicole Rankine says:

Long time silent watcher here… just wanted to drop a note to say that I enjoyed this review. It was super through and helpful. Also thank you for just being you and empowering another woman/mom like myself to just try anything! Love the channel

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