Whirlpool WDF560SAFM Dishwasher Review

I really like this dishwasher. The biggest tip I can give is that you need to have everything set to install this unit before the installer arrives, or the installer will not put the unit in. There are three things not included with the dishwasher you will need in order to install the unit.

This unit is quiet. I wasn’t even sure it was running at first. It is super nice to not have to raise your voice to talk over the noise of the washer.

The dishwasher has easy to use controls on the top of the unit. It also has a display that shows how much time is remaining before the dishes are clean. That is super handy. You can select from five different wash cycles and three different dry cycles. There is also a “sanitizing” rinse cycle of you like to get your dishes really hot, although that temperature does not meet restaurant levels of sanitation.

I put extra dirty dishes in the washer just to see how well it would do, and everything came out clean. This is so much nicer than my old unit.


Blue Moon says:

Appreciate the video. My 15 yr old Whirlpool bit the dust. Awesome machine with only 1 repair. Steam was released thru the vent on the front. I see no vent on the front on this model. I read some complaints about Kitchenaid ( the top tier made by Whirlpool) having the vent on the top left side of the door, releasing steam into the cabinet, causing damage. Where is this venting and if the vent is on the side, have you seen any damage to your cabinet?

Gordon Stewart says:

we just bought ours and so far works well. the only thing my wife has issues with is the time that it takes to do a load. she has no patience to wait 3 hrs. so she uses the 1 hour and it seems to work.

No Hippie BBQ & Cooking says:

nice review

Native722 says:

This dishwasher only as 12 place settings is that good enough? Others in this price range has 14-15 place settings. Also there are no adjustable racks.

Jennifer Dore says:

Thanks for your review. We just purchased and installed this dishwasher. Do you have any trouble with the door alignment? It seems off – when you shut it; it rubs against the side. You then have to push it shut. Is this normal? or should the door just swing shut with one push when in the open position? Thank you!

bogdannb b says:

You just need to scrape leftover food from dishes and just pop it inside. No pre rinsing needed. Even heavily soiled pots and pans come out brilliant 🙂

Maxime Poulin says:

Thank you very much buddy! I was looking EXACTLY for that kind of video to make sure i was buying something that i really liked since it wasn’t “In-Stock” at my local BestBuy. Thanks again, i’ll order it soon :).

spazzman90 says:

Thanks for the video. Looking at this unit. We don’t use many dishes so on our current dishwasher we often use the quick rinse button which does a quick 10 mins or so no heat rinse and no dry for partial loads between full washes. Its also nice for gentle rinsing of delicate items. Does this unit offer that? Thanks again.

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