Whirlpool Dishwasher with Third Level Rack

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Whirlpool WDT970SAHZ Third Level Rack is Not Very Useful – Only fits items flatter than 1 & 1/8 Inch

Pro: Gets Dishes Extremely Clean!
I would like to point out first and foremost that the dishwasher does an excellent job cleaning dishes. I had a guest comment that his glass was so clean and spot free that it looked brand new. I am also notorious for putting very soiled pans with baked on food into the dishwasher without cleaning them very well. Even on just the normal cycle these pans come out spotless. With our previous dishwashers, we’d take them out of the dishwasher when it was finished and joke that it would be clean after you scaped the leftover food off it. With this dishwasher, it is clean with pretty much no effort required on my part.


Third Level Rack can only hold very flat items.
The reason I wanted this dishwasher was for the third level rack. I wash a lot of spatulas, slotted spoons for spaghetti, etc. These items would always take up a lot of space on my second row, so the idea of a third level for these items was very appealing to me. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. None of my normal sized kitchen utensils would fit. The third level rack is extremely close to the top of the dishwasher and cannot be lowered at all. Only items that are flatter than 1 & 1/8 inch would fit on the third rack. So basically, you could put large knives, flat wooden spoons or other very flat items. A normal sized spatula would hit against the top of the dishwasher and the third rack would be unable to close. The third rack for this reason has very limited usefulness. The third rack also makes it so that you can only fit shorter objects on the second level rack. With the third row rack in, a normal sized glass will fit on the second row, but that is about the limit unless you totally remove the third level rack.

Silverware Basket’s Front Slots are too small.
This is the first time I’ve ever had this issue with a dishwasher. The basket spans just about the entire length of the dishwasher and has two slotted rows for silverware. The back row has normal sized slots that will fit all of my normal sized silverware. However, the slots in the front of the basket are smaller than the back row. Only my smallest spoons in my silverware sets will fit. The soup spoons, regular forks, and salad forks will not fit into the front slots. Basically I can only use HALF of the basket most of the time. This is extremely frustrating.

I would like to point out that the basket door design does work well. I’ve had other dishwashers in the past where the silverware basket in the door would interfere with the soup dispenser door opening. I have not had this issue with this dishwasher. However you are limited as to how tall your silverware can be as the soap door gets in the way on this model.

Also since the basket takes up space at the front, the lower rack’s width from front to back is slightly smaller than other dishwashers to compensate for the basket being there.

The Spray Arm Blades are very Wobbly.
For some reason the blades on the bottom of the second rack are very wobbly and are pretty flimsy. If for whatever reason, the blade arm starts to wobble as it spins around, it will start to bang on the dishwasher and on the tops of my plates. I’m not sure why they designed this blade to wobble so much, or maybe there is just a problem with mine.


AJ says:

I just ordered this after some research and your video. Are still satisfied after a few more months under it’s belt? Thanks for the review as well.

SnareMan says:

Good video. If you had it to do over again, would you just get a washer without the 3rd rack? It sounds nice to have to me, but I’ve never had one with it so I have no idea.

Happyland ChildCare says:

Do you know if I can only dry dishes? Or have to be the complete cycle?

italia01139 says:

Good reviews. Fyi the third each it is for silverware as well. Bosch started 10y ago in Germany along w miele, now American manufacturers are copying. Run time is way to ling. My boach 500can do the auto no pre rinse in less than 2 h and I use finish

Daniel Woods says:

Just so your aware, the spray arms are naturally supposed to be loose when their not in operation. As water jets out of them it tightens up and rotates. So don’t worry about that arm wobbling during the cycle, it doesn’t.

Li Fan says:

Just ordered this one, thanks for the detailed review!

The spraying arms flops because that way they will get self-balanced during water spraying rotation, if it doesn’t it’ll vibrate if it gets unblanced.

Todd Eastburn says:

The third rack is to be used for your silverware and utensils, its not made to fit large items. It has slots where you lay the silverware between them. Your white spatula in the middle of third rack is hitting the top spray arm/nozzel, just move it to the side. Put the pizza cutter on the third rack. Your silverware that does not fit in the silverware basket, place them on the third rack.

Roy Feng says:

Contrary to popular belief, today’s dishwashers dispense soap automatically, whether water hits the compartment or not.

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