The View From Inside the Samsung WaterWall Dishwasher

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We put our video cameras inside Samsung’s revolutionary WaterWall, so we could show you how this dishwasher works when the door is closed.


Jay Karia says:

This is such a great video. The gush of water at 1:26 makes it even more enjoying for me to watch.

Henry Ly says:

This machine does a good job at covering all of the racks in water and cleaning them up, without leaving a single spot untouched. Impressive!

michael johnson says:

I want a human sized one .best shower ever

Troy Mitchell says:

Wow I cant believe there is a blog on this dishwasher ROTFL. Im gonna have to cast this video to my TV. Because actual dishwasher is silent lol

La Tui says:

For the price of this, I’ll stick with Miele.  At least Miele stands behind their products.

whitedragon7 says:

Don’t buy anything with the Samsung name on it. They make shitty products. Seen it, experienced it…I will NEVER buy Samsung ever again.

Umit Shah says:

I purchased Samsung Home Appliances in 2015 as they came with a good warranty period. Unfortunately, the dishwasher has broken down and Samsung support centre is not being very helpful. if you buy any Samsung products prepare for them to break down and to be on hold for a long time when you call their support centre. I have been calling them for 4 weeks now and their service is a joke. if you listen to my advice don’t buy their products!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have now emailed their CEO lets see if anyone gets back to me.

MsLatte205 says:

Id love to have a overhead shower that turns like that. That would be so fun.

christine the marshmallow says:

I started getting hungry while watching this videio. Wtf is wrong with me…

M N H says:

it doesn’t clean anything.. better use your hand, mate, dont be lazy.

David K says:

Yeah! Now I know what my dishwasher does! thanks!

Alper Kara says:

Omg i’ve watched it all and questioned my life


Oh god! Do not buy!!!My boyfriend bought this, because he liked the way it looked. Finally figured out that you REALLY have to keep it filled with Finish Rinse Aid to keep dishes dry, and must use sanitize and dry buttons.Then it works really well. Rinse Aid pocket is not really very intuitive or easy to read. Takes just under 4 hrs for a heavy load. Quick load with sanitize and dry under two. Quick load with no options 60 min. Very quiet. Cleans dishes extremely well, without really needing to rinse them. I understand the new detergents are designed to clean better when dishes are not rinsed well. la de da de dee da…Had this dishwasher less than a year. The “Chef Collection” logo on the front of the machine is not stamped in steel, (looks like it, but it’s not). It is actually a tinselly peel-on and some of the letters are coming off unfortunately. Probably look better if I just take them off, but then my boyfriend will more than likely accuse me of destroying it. Now getting “LE” error message and the thing just won’t work. Have about three days of dishes to hand wash, which I am dreading. Haven’t done that since I was a child. Believe it is fairly un -hygienic and lacks sterility.( And btw- dishwashers are Definitely more hygienic and energy saving than hand washing. Gotta get the repair guy now to fix. Had high end Kitchen Aid appliances in my last place. They were luxurious and flawless. Never had an issue. Stove, Micro and Fridge in this Samsung line are working out pretty well.

Xena1080 says:

First 30 seconds: I’m scared.

John Texas says:

This dishwasher, unfortunately, has the worst repair record of any brand…

Trxll Caleb says:

This is really awesome

Mr. Kadinger says:

I wanna take a shower in there lol

C N says:

What am i doing with my life?

Vikram Magoo says:

Where the hell are the dishes? how do we determine the quality of cleaning without the utensils placed inside?

swampgremlin1 says:

Notice this 1000 dollar dishwasher has no heating element to dry dishes. no Thanks

jgg204 says:

have fun with this when the control panel goes out 2 years from now. $261 just for the part

GSG Comedy says:

Oh no there a leak I repeat there’s a leak

Re Set says:

disappointedly waited for the explosion

Icyveins says:

Damn and i was hoping for a jumpscare.

Ajit Takhar says:

Money pit save yourself ! THAT WARRANY STICKER ( 5 YEARS ) Doesn’t mean anything … shitty business …

William Parker says:

I’ve had mine for nearly 3 years. it cleans fine on all 3 racks and I haven’t had any mechanical or electric problems. it does not dry your dishes as it doesn’t have a drying element, I just open the door and they dry fine right after its finished washing. I did have one of the adjustable legs break after a move so I had to put something under that leg to keep it level. the best part of the whole thing is how quiet it is. you don’t notice it’s running until it drains.

MsLatte205 says:

I need this soundtrack for sleep.

Kevin Olesik says:

it looks effective

Madden bossman says:

What I have

MrDragonfyr says:

nearly 4am and im watching this… how did i even get here…

Drea Vee says:

This would have been more satisfying with dirty dishes in it.

Fertal Gamings says:

Now I’m wondering why is there lights on the inside, like they wanted people to put there Gopro’s in there

Rob Saunders says:

I got 1 no problems just people getting jelly on YouTube

lottsalasagna says:

We are too lazy to even wash a few dishes

madeline says:

i have this dishwasher

HW2800 says:

Not powerful enough! Does seem it will work to wash dishes. Samsung back to the drawing board!

Bevila Williams says:

I notice with some inside dishwasher videos that speed of video was faster like 4X speeded up i think it spoils the video should leave it as it is like this one.

flexntj says:

I have this dishwasher and loved it…until…it ceased to perform correctly after 13months. Just one month outside of the warranty. Now whenever I start it (in any cycle) I get three beeps and three flashes of the blue light in the door recessed handle. Does this a few times then starts up. It still does clean the dishes but there is something obviously wrong and Samsung won’t stand behind their product even though I had to wait 7 months on a back order. Forgot to mention, the microwave I purchased in the suite also had issues but after raising holy hell they covered it. Here to looking forward for the fridge and oven to start up with their issues 🙁

White Gold says:

now samsung is making dishwashers… clap clap clap clap

soap1919jt says:

Consumer Reports had this model on their national ‘Do Not Buy’ list, because the filter system filled too quickly and shut the machines down.

Skye Walker says:

put some dishes in there you fool

Bevila Williams says:

Fantastic Video With Excellance Very Interesting It shows you what go’s on inside the dishwasher how it works….Don’t open the door you will get flooded !

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