The Best Dishwashers of 2015

From pricey powerhouses to everyday affordable models, these are the dishwashers you should buy.


Intheevening 123 says:

I would have been a shame to put this video up that pretty stainless steel front has a piece of plastic junk all dishwashers today are subjected to government regulations which doesn’t allow them to use much water to clean the dishes resulting in a poor wash also it takes them far longer than yesteryear to clean the dishes my 2004 Amana the drain pump went out after 24 months also the high temperature Setting went out after five months I have a 1975 KitchenAid that literally blast off taco Greece and baked on lasagna grease it is a hurricane in a box literally and it gets the job done in 45 minutes that is with the sanitizing and dry included it took two hours and 45 minutes for my 2014 Amana how can it be more efficient if it takes that long to wash dishes give me a break dishwashers today are nice looking pieces of crap pathetic

DanielSangster says:

I can’t believe that they rated the electrolux the best. Yes it may have great features and performance, but they never take into account reliability. Electrolux dishwashers have the worst reliability out of any other brand.

Pikachu says:

are these in any specific order from first choice to last? btw can you list or name a few dishwashers of 2016?

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