Samsung DW80F600UTS Dishwasher Review

After a year of dishes that smell, drainage problems, 5 repairmen, and constant runaround from Samsung customer service, my friends decided to do a review of their unit for others to see.


Jerry C. says:

I have the same model, in less than 15 months, some sensors died,  it is really a piece of shit.

Edward Lattari says:

I have the same dishwasher. This is the best review I have ever seen for this piece of shit.

Mark Sprouse says:

Amen brother I have the same pile of s*** it never wash the dishes very well the stainless steel would not come clean it wouldn’t go through Cycles after a year now it won’t come on at all I think I’m going to take a bat to mine Samsung is junk

johnny05100 says:

The sensors on mine died for the second time. I’ll be calling them tomorrow and requesting a different model or I’m done with the Samsung brand.

PastorTrader says:

I have this dishwasher. BEST review EVER!!!

katjoyed says:

This is my favorite product review ever. I have the same POS and hate it. It didn’t work correctly out of the box.

csiaudio says:

Yep I have this model as well and yep it is JUNK. It’s has a strong electrical smell when it’s running and my wife is constantly complaining that when she opens the dishwasher it smells like sewage. Samsung junk. Nice review by the way…

walidchehade says:

Had the same shitty problem with this piece of junk! Samsung is the worst company ever….

Adam Comiskey says:

Love it! We have the same model and have had constant issues for almost 3 years now. We never had smell issues, our issues revolve around it not finishing cycles and flashing error codes. Techs come and replace a few parts and it works again for a few months. Then quits again, then decides to work again, rinse and repeat. Worst appliance ever. Have extended contract through lowe’s, which is almost useless. In order to qualify for lemon it needs to have the same exact issue 4 times in 1 year. One week to get an appointment, one week to get parts, another week to get another appointment. Down for months at a time. There should be a class action on this POS.

sergey ivanov says:


J C Laird says:

Is there a filter in it to clean? It does not smell good

Cris Borgnine says:

You guys rock!!!

jltefft says:

I have the same Samcrap dishwasher. Broken down POS. I have had nothing but problems. Same smell, water level sensor failed $80 and my labor. Now detergent dispenser broke–$80 and my labor. Thanks for giving it a beat down. Next thing that breaks and I will be giving mine a beat down. F Samcrap appliances!!

Stefan Adamcik says:

I found this review very helpful. I bought the same model in 2014 and it has given me the same problems. Pure junk. I will not be purchasing any more Samsung appliances. After I buy a new dishwasher, I may engage in some similar physical fitness training with my Samsung.

O01dude 45 says:

i would get the chef collection model DW80H9970US/AA

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