Samsung Chef Collection Dishwasher Review

The Samsung Chef Collection Dishwasher boasts a unique feature that does away with the conventional rotating arm found in nearly every other dishwasher. WaterWall technology, as it’s called, covers every square inch of the lower dishwasher tray by employing a lateral bar that tracks front to back in the machine.

At $1,599, the DW80H9970US is definitely high-end. Samsung collaborated with chefs working in Michelin-star restaurants for its Chef Collection, the idea being that people who spend all day in the kitchen probably have some insight into what makes a quality appliance.

Do chefs know as much about cleaning dishes as they do about preparing them? Maybe Samsung should have consulted some busboys when it came to the designing a dishwasher. As we found out, this high-end dishwasher looks a lot better than it performs.

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King FOBbit says:

I have Samsung practically for everything, (Clothes) Washer/Dryer, Refridge, Stoves (Gas and electric) Microwave, TV, Computer Monitor(s)… but when I bought the dishwasher ABSOLUTELY A MISTAKE!!  Returned 3 of the same to Lowes.  All of them have problems, went with GE, all good now.

mwaseem says:

that speed boost saved 19 seconds of the cycle 

ZenerDragon SB says:

The latch is fine the problem lies in the rollers for the second rack. It needs to be re-seated by fully extending and then fully inserting with firm pressure to re-seat the ball bearings position. If the rack is not fully seated against the back wall the door will not fully close and feel as if the latch is not strong enough. In reality the door is still resting against the second rack and not closed. Source: We have this dishwasher and experienced this problem after a few weeks of use. It’s not a big deal.

I should also add that if the second rack is not fully seated against the back wall the dishwasher will not perform well as the seal for the line leading to the sprayer between the first and second rack will not be tight and thus that sprayer will not run properly. I highly recommend a re-do of this test as it is misleading due to an innocent yet apparent lack of proper use under testing.

O01dude 45 says:

i contacted samsung with live chat and they said that the latch issue was fixed!

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