Miele G4203 SC Active Dishwasher Review & Demonstration

In this video I take you on a guided tour of my new Miele dishwasher, explaining the programmes and showing you the baskets, filter and other internal parts.

I then load the machine with some dirty dishes and look at the results at the end of the programme.

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missustruth says:

“It’s my dishwasher. I’ll load it how I like.” Hahahaha! I love that. As I’ve been know to critique how my husband loads, I had to laugh and tell my husband that he would love your commentary. He smiled. : ) Thanks for the thorough review. Here in the U.S.A. and just ordered a Miele dishwasher as our 20+ year KitchenAid DW finally died and I was looking for something that is built to last.

Mircea Cohen says:

Wonderful video. Really professional! Congratulations! Very helpful.

Susan Burns says:

Hi. I was watching your review as I have basically the same dishwasher (Canadian version) and have been having some issues with loading it. Thanks for the great demo. Could you possibly tell me where you purchased the turquoise mug with the dogs on it? My daughter and I were watching your review together and both became quite distracted by the mug. Thanks!

Tiberio Martínez says:

Superb video. I’m sold! 🙂

Thomas Guillot says:

very interesting demo. Being from the US we don’t get some of the same features on any dishwashers like the auto settings or the salt containers. and one of the things we have here by building code is that all dishwashers are hooked to hot water inlets only. but props to a machine that kicks our crappy equipment’s butts!

Олег Козлов says:

Спасибо большое Вам , что делитесь новой бытовой техникой , которым не знают как она работает , какой делает результат посуды .
И еще раз спасибо Вам большое , что показали в деле посудомоечную машину .
Что я не ту модель посудомоечной машину купила , но после такого видео буду покупать именно эту модель .А как необыкновенно красиво , как машина моет посуду .Только интересно сколько по сроку службы будет работать ? ?

How 2 do it By tyler says:

Great video

vlasakvidea says:

Wow: very nice video and briliand results. Well, i am living in the CZECH REPUBLIC, as i was born there. We have got an Electrolux dish washer and the results are not so briliand. Thanks for your video… Sory, my english is not very well…

ShrinkDavid 1982 says:

Very nice and practical dishwasher.

Blackrose Journey says:

New sub your videos are you formative you are a natural! I love Leeds as well that won me over!! quick question I checked my water hardness and it said moderately soft do I still need to add salt water many thanks

abir_246 says:

great demostration!

Kerry Hill says:

Thank you for this video. It is so helpful! We have a model similar to this (4227SCU) coming at the end of this week. I also notice that we have the same Denby Linen dishes that you have. I am curious about loading the bowls. I notice that you have the wide flat pasta bowls – we have those too. We like to use them for big dinner salads. When you load those bowls, do you load them on every tine, or do you find that skipping a tine is necessary for the water to reach the inside of the bowls?

kyojitsu1 says:

A gloriously nerdy video. I’ve just ordered this dishwasher and I’m now stupidly excited about using it. Thank you.

Adrian D. says:

The on/off button on my Miele G 4203 is slightly pushed inwards/deeper in the main body than the other buttons. It works perfectly for now but I am not shure how it’s longevity will be. Should I ask for a replacement or a 70 £ discount?

PhotoMusicMan says:

If the auto mode senses that the wash is still dirty after the first rinse, how can it keep washing if it has already used and melted the washing tablet?

RustySkull Productions says:

I do like the design of this one.

Lorna Sillar says:

Please can you confirm the extension hose supplier link through Amazon? Many thanks.

PhotoMusicMan says:

I have a Siemens dishwasher that I am looking to replace. I want a dishwasher that will do a pre-rinse then automatically go on to the main wash. Mine doesn’t. 🙁

The vacuum and other things says:

what program do like to use most, and how often is it on a week.

Lem Tay says:

AFAIK, the aqua-stop control has a housing box that can be gently pried apart, which reduces its bulk during installation. Obviously, it’s meant to have that beige/grey housing outside during normal operation, but if the saw hole for the cabinetry seems too small to pass the device through, it may be worth trying the trick above. Often, the reduction in size is just enough to pass the control through – leaving the power cord & inlet hose till later – which can save having to hack another hole, or enlarge the existing hole.

The guy who installed my Miele dw did that it worked a treat and saved him time & effort!

The vacuum and other things says:

what program do you use most

Nicholas Wheeler says:

Excellent tip about the extension hose. Have a safety valve fitted on my Siemens dishwasher which fortunately fitted ok under my sink, but had it not… this would have worked well.

Stewart Clanachan says:

Hi which Meile models have a rotating spray arm on the top of the drum? Most dishwashers only have a lower and middle arm with a less efficient water distribution from the top down. Thanks

Chris Clarke says:

does your per wash work all the time on auto & other programs forget the 75 program as it works on mine every time but the pre wash is so hit and miss with my g4203.  when on auto and empty it pre washes every time (EMPTY) put a full load in and it doesn’t plus the last two washes on (auto) start time 1:54 & pre wash worked these times then 20mins in to wash cycle the dishwasher time went to 2:10 so that’s a 2:40 cycle this is feed by a combi boiler 3ft away plus only had 8 tea cups. can you confirm if your dishwasher pre washes on the programmes it say it should in booklet pleaseI think mine faulty

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