LG Dishwasher Model # LDP6797ST Review

LG sent me out this dishwasher to test and review and have been using this dishwasher for over 2 months now and I really like it. First off I got this thru the Home Depot seeds program for free but this is still an honest review and if your interested in this dishwasher you can check it out on Home Deopt’s website, here is the link.


I really like this dishwasher, It does an excellent job cleaning dishes, it has a good looking stainless steel front with a recessed handle and hidden controls on top of the door and it has a fully stainless steel tub. It also has some really cool and unique features such as some WiFi capabilities, a quiet direct drive motor, a special third rack on top for silverware, instead of using a heat ring to dry the dishes it uses a special hybrid drying system that does not rely on a heating element instead it relies on the heat that is retained by the dishes and tub during the wash and rinse cycles to turn moisture in the tub into humidity, the warm moist air in the dishwasher is then pulled into a condensing duct in the door by a fan, the air then cools which causes the humidity to condense. Room temperature air is also drawn into the duct to help the air cooled down faster. When this moisture condenses into a liquid it is drained out. Because this special drying system does not use a heating element in the bottom of the dishwasher you can safely put plastic in the bottom rack with out the worry of it melting which is a feature I really like! It was also very easy and straightforward to install, the mounting brackets, power cord and drain hose are included however you have to provide your own water supply line. Installation is as easy as connecting your water supply line to the dishwasher and a hot water shutoff valve, connecting your drain hose to your garbage disposal or connecting it to your waste tee, wiring up your electrical plug and clipping it into place then plugging it in, then adjusting the feet on the bottom of the dishwasher so it is level side to side and front to back and finally pushing it into place and using the included hardware to screw it into place. Overall I am super happy with this dishwasher and am so glad LG decided to send it out to me to test, review and have. I want to be clear that even though LG provided me this dishwasher my review is totally unbiased. I highly recommend this dishwasher I think it is an excellent dishwasher and a great value! As always thanks for watching my video guys and if you liked it give me a thumbs up! We will see you at the next video and have a great day!


Quentin Moore says:

Thank you so much for this video!!! We were concerned about having enough space for our top rack-only items. Your video helped us to decide to purchase this LG! @ExperienceLG

Jenni Schaffer says:

Thanks for doing the follow up video — I am glad you didn’t have anything negative to say about the machine since I got mine a few weeks ago. I learned from your video that there IS a rinse button! I didn’t see those tiny words under some of the buttons and I thought, “How can this high end washer have no rinse?!?” NOW i see, it does!

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