LG Direct Drive dishwasher review


AL M says:

Hi your review is for a LG direct drive dishwasher? I think the new LGs are all direct drive. You should be reviewing by model number, as we have a direct drive LG that is nothing like yours. Wait until yours won’t open the soap dispenser at the right time, see how much you like it then. I am just starting to find out about the problems soap dispensers have in what seems to be all models, and several makes too. Those stupid silverware guides just pop off, we threw them away. We do like how quiet this dishwasher is. Maybe the quietness is a sign that there isn’t a lot of water spray in there. Could be why our old noisy GE washed in a half hour instead of 2 hours 20 min.

Harley Travis says:

It looks like you need to add rinse aid.

Chevy513 says:

I just got one of these and I really like it, mine came with the 3rd rack on top for silverware and such. One feature I really like that u forgot to mention is the awesome drying system on this that does not use a heat ring in the bottom so u can put plastic on the bottom rack without fear of it melting which is really cool and also idk if u use it but the app u can download for it is really cool!

Fatima Mousa says:

How is it on cleaning pots and pans? I do I have to back and scrub them my own

lynne muckler says:

I just got mine and i have the ae code wont let me continue cant find no leak

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